Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics

executive MBA
Module 1 - Strategic management and Support functions to SMC
Business strategy and marketing & sales management
Planning Supply Chain: support functions and financial managemnt
Module 2 - Srategies, designs and trends in SCM
Planning strategies in Supply Chain
Simulation planning models in Supply Chain
Trends and benchmarking in Supply Chain & e-commerce in Supply Chain planning
Susainable logistics and operation management simulator
Module 3 - Global supply chain planning & triple axis SCM
Global planning in in Supply Chain
Management and technologies in Supply Chain
Basic concepts, planning and design in Supply Chain
Management development and staff management
Module 4 - Execution in SCM: priority functions with suppliers
Challenges in purchasing and Harvard negotiation techniques
Production managament
Module 5 - Transportation
Logistics, warehousing, orders management and CRM
Transportation, distribution and shipping management
Module 6 - Intership
Module 7 - Final Master’s Thesis
Final Master’s Thesis

Course Contents

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