Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics

executive MBA

Course Contents

Course Contents in Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics: 

MODULE 1 - Strategic management of business and support functions to SCM -
Strategic management of business and management marketing and sales 6 ECTS
Planning Supply Chain: support functions and financial management 3 ECTS
MODULE 2 - Strategies, design and trends in supply chain -
Planning supply chain per industry 3 ECTS
Simulation models for Planning the Supply Chain 3 ECTS
Trends and benchmarking in SCM & e-commerce in the planning of the supply chain 3 ECTS
Sustainable logistics and operations management simulator 3 ECTS
MODULE 3 - Global supply chain planning and triple axis SCM -
Overall planning of the supply chain 3 ECTS
Technology management and supply chain 3 ECTS
Basic concepts, planning and design of the supply chain 3 ECTS
Management development and human resources 3 ECTS
MODULE 4 - SCM execution: priority functions relationship with suppliers -
Challenges in purchasing and Harvard negotiation techniques 3 ECTS
Production management 6 ECTS
MODULE 5 - Transportation -
Logistics management, warehousing, orders and CRM 3 ECTS
Transportation management, distribution and shipping 3 ECTS
MODULE 6 - Internship -
Internship 6 ECTS
MODULE 7 - Final Master’s Thesis -
Final Master’s Thesis 6 ECTS