Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management

executive MBA

Tutoring Programme

The Tutoring Programme is designed to be a mechanism that strives to provide guidance and personalized service to students to ensure they progress smoothly through the curriculum. The tutor is selected by the teaching faculty, preferably in the early stages of the programme. At the start of the course, students receive information about the tutor that has been assigned to them.

The role of the tutor includes the following duties:

1. Enrolment support
2. Tracking academic progress
3. Guidance with respect to progressing through the curriculum and the learning process (study methods, available resources).

Communication with students is conducted through the following channels:

1. Email
2. Campus announcements
3. Personal meeting
4. At the tutor’s request (at least once a year) 
5. At the student’s request (as required)

The Tutoring Programme involves three types of tutorial: an initial tutorial and two follow-up tutorials that have a dual objective – academic and professional.


This meeting takes place individually with the students, usually during the first year of the programme. In the tutorial, the tutor and students discuss the personality and competences test (BIP) taken at the start of the course. During the first meeting, a tracking sheet is drafted including the following information:

1. Personal details. Information regarding hours available for study, employment status, etc.
2. Education background including complementary courses such as IT and languages.
3. Reasons for choosing this qualification and this institution in particular. Level of effort required for progressing smoothly through the curriculum, establishing the system by which students will plan their studies and objectives.


There is a follow-up tutorial once a year. However, students may request extra sessions.

1. Academic level. This tutorial monitors compliance with the regulations, evaluation and tracking of performance and the academic report. 
2. Professional level. This tutorial focuses on professional guidance and usually takes place in the last two years of the programme. It counsels students with respect to the elective programme options based on their motivation, academic report, professional prospects, etc. It gives participants advice regarding the type of internships to select.