Master in Marketing & Sales

executive MBA

Course Contents


Introduction to Business Organization

In this module we will analyze how do companies organize themselves internally, their structure and roles. We will also learn the essential quantitative techniques to understand, analyze, and make decisions from a financial point of view. The courses are:

• Organization and Business Administration
• Quantitative techniques

Organization Management

This module includes the necessary knowledge to know how economic conditions affect markets, related to our company’s decisions; how the company manages the departments of marketing and sales, the strategic design of commercial activity and the need to raise market research, to understand their results and to make strategic decisions accordingly. The courses are:

• Business and Marketing Planning Process in organizations
• Market Research, Information Management and Decision Making
• Financial impact of strategic decisions
• Marketing in Digital Environments

Strategic Marketing Management

In this module the student will learn to define policies for marketing and sales according to the culture, politics and business objectives, to design strategies and to manage the income statements of the strategic business units for business decisions and marketing. The courses are:

• Creating value in businesses
• Delivering customer value

Strategic Market Planning and Go-To-Market

The student will make sales forecasts and set targets consistent with diagnoses made, and to design, evaluate and implement business plans focused on increasing the value of the company as well as business models, in line with business objetives of the organization.
The courses are:

• Sales and Marketing strategies
• Managing customers and Key Accounts, new models of business organization
• Business strategies for Customer-Centric Marketing. Business GameMarketing in Digital Environments

Business Game

The Business Game experience enables students to create and manage their own company and test their abilities and knowledge acquired during the first part of the programme, by means of a contest between classmates in which they put themselves in the shoes of a real entrepreneur.


The Marketing Plan is developed throughout the entire programme and is the backbone to that gives structure to all of the subjects. As it is entirely a teamwork project, which is tutored right from the outset, students carry out the appropriate analyses and the most adequate strategies to reach the company’s aims, basing themselves on the company’s current reality.