Lunes, 1 de Diciembre, 2014

On 26th November, the Barcelona Campus of EAE Business School was the venue for a Blood Donor Drive in collaboration with the Banc de Sang i Teixits de Catalunya (Catalan Blood and Tissue Bank).

The aim of the initiative was to raise awareness among our students of the importance of donating blood and to promote the generous nature of this type of action, bearing in mind that, every time we donate, we enable other people to keep hope alive.

donacion de sangre EAE barcelona Banc de Sang

The campaign achieved excellent results. In total, 34 people came to donate blood, with 25 of them being able to do so and 13 being first time donors. This is extremely positive as they have taken the first step and overcome their fear, meaning that they are more likely to donate again.
The Banc de Sang i Teixits informs us that these are extremely good figures and congratulates our students for the commitment that they have shown with the initiative. They added that it had been a real pleasure to work with our centre.

sandra melus coordinadora academica EAE Business School Barcelona Sandra Melús, the Programme Coordinator at EAE Barcelona and organizer of this social initiative, said that “EAE wants to give its students access to this kind of campaign that are underpinned by solidarity and social responsibility, with a commitment to partnership projects of this type in various fields. Our students ask us for this sort of project and they are organized by a Working Committee overseen by the Programme Coordination team”.

We took the opportunity to ask Sandra about her own personal experience of being a donor:

“I have been a donor for the last three years and I have to admit that my first time was at the School. Students and colleagues encouraged me to experience it and helped me to see the importance of this small but extremely significant contribution.

To anybody who has never donated blood, I would say that I understand their uncertainty and fear of needles, but I would assure them that the satisfaction of giving and enabling people to live longer more than compensates for this. Helping in such a unique and intimate way is an experience well worth having, because what you are really giving is life: not for us but for them”.

All of us at EAE Business School would like to thank you for your participation and generosity in this social initiative at EAE. Once again, THANKS EVERYBODY! THANKS TO THE BANC DE SANG I TEIXITS! THANKS SANDRA!