Viernes, 19 de Septiembre, 2014

A new edition of the EAE/OBS Online Employment Forum 2014 begins very soon. In the Forum, current and former students of EAE have access to employment opportunities and professional work placements with the participating companies, which we will be announcing over the next few days. In addition, the Forum will include various live chat sessions with Human Resources professionals and directors at the different collaborating companies. As a result, all interested participants will have the opportunity to speak directly to the professionals and get a better understanding of what they are looking for in an employee. In the same spirit, today we are talking to Amalia Moltó, Talent Acquisition Manager at Dell Spain and she explains what profiles the company is looking for and which methods they use in the selection process.

Amalia Molto Dell Spain

WHAT DOES DELL DO AS A COMPANY? Dell is an American multinational operating in the IT sector, founded in 1984 by Michael Dell, with over 100,000 employees worldwide. Dell provides services to large multinational companies, public sector institutions, small and medium enterprises and private individuals. Dell provides technological solutions to its customers, including the design, manufacture and sale of hardware, software, servers and storage. It ranks among the leading global companies in the IT sector due to its innovation, strategy and market share. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE THE TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS THAT MAKE UP YOUR COMPANY? We believe that our employees are the founding pillar of Dell. Their talent and dedication are the key factors to our success, thanks to their commitment and cooperation. If you work at Dell, you are a proactive person who is able to generate new ideas and inspire innovation. You also operate well in an international setting. WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR EMPLOYEES LIKE MOST ABOUT WORKING FOR THE COMPANY? What they like most is the opportunity to work in a leading technology company and the conditions and benefits of belonging to Dell (for example, work-life balance, flexibility at work). CAN YOU SUMMARIZE A STANDARD ENTRY PROCESS AT DELL? In general terms, these processes include a number of phases. The first step is the pre-selection of candidates that may match the profile we are looking for. After this, there is a telephone filter phase in which we verify the pre-selected CVs and start a conversation with the candidates. The following phases consist of face-to-face and telephone interviews with the department directors and HR professionals. ARE THERE NORMALLY SELECTION PROCESSES ALWAYS UNDER WAY AT DELL? It is not usually the case. Selection processes are opened up depending on the current needs of the business. WHAT TYPE OF PROFILE DO YOU MOST COMMONLY LOOK FOR? Based on Dell’s activity, the profiles we usually look for are technical, which include profiles of IT and telecommunication engineers, among others. At the same time, we often look for profiles in the Sales and Marketing areas. IN THE HR DEPARTMENT, WHAT ARE THE QUALITIES AND COMPETENCES THAT YOU VALUE MOST HIGHLY WHEN HIRING SOMEBODY? The competences that we most value include proactivity, teamwork, autonomy and, above all, passion for the work! WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE EMPLOYMENT FORUM? WHAT ARE THE OBJECTIVES OF YOUR PARTICIPATION AS A COMPANY IN THIS 2014 EDITION? The Employment Forum is an opportunity to make contact with the students and show them the professional opportunities available at Dell. The objective of our participation is to give a broad vision of Dell, focusing on our values such as diversity, equality and opportunity. We also aim to highlight the company’s interests and activities together with its market position. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF PARTICIPATING IN THIS FORUM FOR YOU? It enables us to achieve greater visibility. One of the biggest benefits is having access to profiles that may match future open positions at Dell, which is why we normally save the CVs that we receive from people interested in working at Dell. In addition, participating in this Forum enables us to gain a wealth of information and an overview of the young profiles with their different qualifications and experiences. Moreover, we benefit from the feedback from participants with respect to the aspects of our company that they highlight. Thank you very much, Amalia!