Lunes, 15 de Septiembre, 2014

We would like to introduce you to Angie Polanco, former student of EAE Business School’s Master in Marketing and Commercial Management. For almost five years now, Angie has been making her way in the challenging world of fashion with her own clothing label, Angie Polanco, and we wanted to take advantage of the launch of her new collection at Dominicana Moda 2014 to find about more about her professional career. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE EAE BUSINESS SCHOOL TO STUDY A MASTER? Various university colleagues had told me great things about EAE so I looked into the various options that it offered me and decided that it was the ideal place for me to further my studies. The experience and quality of the teaching faculty were decisive factors. I studied the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management at EAE. My degree was in Advertising and, during my employment experience in this sector, I realized that I needed to broaden my knowledge of marketing and sales strategies. Angie Polanco COULD YOU TELL US ABOUT ONE OF THE BEST MOMENTS YOU EXPERIENCED AS A STUDENT AT THE SCHOOL? The multicultural environment that you experience at EAE is extremely enriching. You learn to see circumstances from other cultural points of view. Not only do you learn from the teachers, but from your classmates as well. The most important point is that, at EAE, you don’t only grow as a professional, but as a person too. I could tell you about any number of fantastic moments that I shared with my classmates on the Master in Barcelona, but the best is what came afterwards. I have kept in touch with several classmates and visited them in their home countries, and they have come to see me. YOU STUDIED COMMUNICATION AND MARKETING. WHAT LED YOU TO EMBARK ON A CAREER IN THE DIFFICULT WORLD OF FASHION? Being in Barcelona, a city in which you can soak in the culture, ideal for embracing an infinite number of avant-garde movements, I developed one of the facets that has always been a passion of mine: fashion. So, when I finished the Master, I set up home in the city to broaden my knowledge by studying the field. WHERE DID THE IDEA OF CREATING YOUR OWN LABEL COME FROM? While I was working for an haute couture label in Barcelona, I decided that I wanted to create my own collections. So, in 2009, I presented my label in my home country. It was a giant leap into the unknown but, fortunately, it all went well. Angie Polanco AT THE START, DID YOU COME ACROSS MANY OBSTACLES TO GET EXPOSURE? Starting out is never easy in the world of business. Being an entrepreneur means taking on a lot of risks. In the beginning, I juggled work on my own label with other jobs in the world of fashion. Since launching my label, I have grown gradually, expanding the business and increasingly building my presence in the media to publicize my work. Things don’t always turn out as you imagine, but you have to persevere and believe in your idea. WHAT DO YOU BASE YOUR DESIGNS ON? DO YOU HAVE SOME TYPE OF THEME? When I am creating a collection, I might get inspiration from anything that grabs my attention at that moment: a book, a film, a song, an image. I am a very curious person and I always investigate what’s happening in other parts of the world, the current trends, not only in terms of fashion, but in all socio-cultural aspects. This helps me to find new ideas. APART FROM HAVING YOUR OWN LABEL, DO YOU WORK FOR ANY OTHER CLOTHING BRAND? Not at the moment. I am developing my own lines. Until recently, I was working for the Inditex Group. AS A DESIGNER, DO YOU ALWAYS MAKE YOUR OWN CLOTHES OR DO YOU BUY FROM THE COMPETITION? I alternate between the two, depending on the occasion. If I have to attend a formal event or a promotional activity, I tend to wear my own clothes, but for the normal day to day, I dress just like any other woman my age. I dress very casually. IN THE FUTURE, DO YOU INTEND TO EXPAND YOUR PORTFOLIO TO INCLUDE ACCESSORIES SUCH AS BAGS, PURSES, ETC.? I am currently working on a line of bags and backpacks that I am going to present at Dominicana Moda 2014. I used to use accessories from other labels for fashion shows, but now is the right time to launch my own line of accessories. IN PROFESSIONAL TERMS, WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN FIVE YEARS’ TIME? I see my label anchored firmly in my country, with a presence elsewhere. But always working in the same way, extremely hard and with passion, always delighted to see somebody wearing one of my designs. TO FINISH OFF, HOW DO YOU THINK EAE HAS INFLUENCED YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE AS A DESIGNER AND BUSINESSWOMAN? Thanks to the knowledge I acquired during my Master at EAE, it has been much easier for me to set up my own company. It is a very satisfying feeling to apply this knowledge to your own projects and see that you get the desired results. Thank you very much and we wish you the best of luck! Here are links to Angie Polanco’s social networks so that you can find out more about her! "Facebook": . "Instagram": .