Miércoles, 3 de Junio, 2015

On 28th May, students at the Barcelona Campus of EAE Business School attended a presentation of the company Criteo, an international firm specializing in online advertising. Sabrina Wunsch, former student on the EAE Business School’s Master in International Business and member of Criteo’s Human Resources Department for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and Turkey, and Solène Lamiot, from Criteo’s Human Resources Department for Southern Europe, gave participants an overview of the main profiles in the greatest demand in the company and how to take part in its selection process. Sabina y Solène de CriteoWHAT TYPE OF TRAINING DO YOU HAVE AND WHAT ARE YOUR DUTIES IN CRITEO? I am Sabrina, from Austria, and last year I completed a Master in International Business at EAE Business School. For the last few months, I have been working in Criteo’s recruitment department in Barcelona, where we have a team of 70 people. I am in charge of recruiting professionals for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and Turkey. I am Solène Lamiot and I also studied International Business. I have been at Criteo for 6 months and my duties include recruitment in Southern Europe: France, Spain and Italy. WHAT ARE THE MAIN PROFESSIONAL PROFILES THAT CRITEO IS CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR? It depends. There can be many different profiles, depending on certain departments. However, the profiles in the greatest demand are related to Sales and Business Development, as well as Technical. Above all, we are looking for international profiles. In the Barcelona office, practically all of us are from abroad. In particular, we are currently on the lookout for Junior profiles that can grow within the team and develop their career in the company, with the aim of later being promoted. That way, they get to know the company inside out and their integration is easier. WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO STUDENTS THAT ARE FINISHING THEIR MASTERS AND WANT TO GET IN CONTACT WITH YOUR COMPANY? There are various channels but, first and foremost, it is a matter of preparing your CV well, looking for and researching the jobs that are available and ensuring that they are related to what you have studied. Think about doing a scholarship with us. Go to our website and check out the Careers section and sign up. Criteo en EAE Business SchoolONCE THE FIRST CONTACT HAS BEEN MADE, HOW DOES THE SELECTION PROCESS CONTINUE? We study the students’ curriculums closely and we respond to them all, even if their profile doesn’t match what we are looking for. We then make a selection and contact them directly. We do a personal interview, in which they explain their experience, what they have studied and how they see themselves in the company. They then take a 20 minute test. This enables us to match each person better to each position. Next, the selected candidates have an interview with a senior director. WHAT QUALITIES ARE NEEDED BY THE PROFILES THAT CRITEO IS LOOKING FOR? Qualifications obviously matter a lot, but it should be highlighted that, at Criteo, we value passion and forming part of a project. It could be somebody without experience or the desired qualification for a position but, if we see that they are well motivated, we may select them. Criteo is an international company with over 1,000 employees working in 17 offices across the Americas, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. The company provides services to more than 6,000 advertisers around the world and maintains direct relations with over 7,000 publishers. In Barcelona, there is a team of 70 people from all over the world. The company is constantly looking for professionals to join their team, both in Spain and in other countries in which the company operates. At the end of the session, students submitted their curriculums to take part in the company’s selection processes.