Lunes, 8 de Febrero, 2016

On 13th February, Cristina Tomás, Director of EAE’s Postgraduate School, will set out on a tour of different Latin American universities. The aim of her visits is to carry out an intensive schedule of information sessions and conferences aimed at students. These events include a conference that will be held on 23rd February at the Hotel Hyatt (Polanco, Mexico City) entitled “Banco Santander: internationalization strategy in Latin America”.

With more than 12,000 branches, 185,000 employees, 100 million customers and 3.2 million shareholders, Banco Santander has held the top spot in terms of market share for several years now, both in the Spanish market and in various Latin American countries.

The Working Breakfast on this success story will analyse Banco Santander’s aggressive strategies on the Latin American market, which have consolidated the region as the bank’s second global market. In addition, we will analyse the strategies that Banco Santander will use in the future to consolidate its position and increase its market share in others.

The conference will be held on 23rd February at 08:00 at the Hotel Hyatt Regency Mexico City. It is open to all former students, who may attend with a companion. All attendees must register using the following form:

- Registration for the Working Breakfast “Banco Santander: internationalization strategy in Latin America

Cristina Tomás Currently, Cristina Tomás is the Director of EAE Business School’s Postgraduate School, as well as lecturing on the MBA at the School.

Cristina Tomás, Doctor of Economic and Business Sciences, has extensive experience of running this type of conference. She has taught at the Universidad de Guadalajara (Jalisco, Mexico), the Aita Academy (Singapore) and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, among others.