Miércoles, 25 de Febrero, 2015

On 26th February 2015, EAE Business School took part in the International Postgraduate Studies Fair (FIEP), a great opportunity to offer participants the best personalized guidance with respect to the range of tuition programmes we offer.

Postgraduate training is playing an increasingly important role in the international employment market. Both university graduates embarking on their careers and professionals already in employment are aware of the growing competitiveness in the market and the need to differentiate themselves beyond the knowledge and skills acquired at university.

Feria Internacional de Estudios de Posgrado (FIEP)

At FIEP’2015 International Postgraduate Studies Fair, you can gain first-hand insight into the complete range of postgraduate training opportunities at information stands for the participating business schools and institutions, where admissions directors are pleased to clarify any doubts that may arise when choosing a postgraduate programme: the type of programme that best meets your needs, scholarships, career opportunities, financing, teaching faculty, company agreements, compliance with the European Higher Education Area, etc.

Admission to the fair is completely free of charge. By attending, you have access to the range of the Scholarship and Grant Solutions offered by the institutions participating at FIEP, including EAE Business School, which totalled over €1,000,000 in 2014 and far more in 2015.

In addition, participants can discover the very latest developments in postgraduate education: which programme best suits your needs, scholarships and grants, professional development, international agreements, etc. with all of the leading Spanish and international business schools, such as EAE. This is sure to be an extremely interesting opportunity for anybody deciding where direction to take when specializing on a particular postgraduate course.

EAE Business School is participating in this important fair, offering highly personalized guidance that any attendees may need with respect to the range of tuition programmes we offer for all of the postgraduate courses that we run. Come and find out all about programmes such as the "Executive MBA"://, the "Master in Marketing Management":// and the "Master in Commercial and Sales Management"://, to name but a few.

We look forward to seeing you at the EAE stand!