Viernes, 30 de Mayo, 2014

On Thursday 29th May, EAE collaborated in a highly interesting presentation entitled ‘My Company is my Country: Cultural Fit in Assessment’, run by Koenraad Goris, a partner in the consultancy company Cubiks, which focuses on international assessment and development, and a global expert in cultural adaptation within the assessment processes in professional environments.

Conferencia Cultural Fit RRHH Koenraad Goris en EAE Business School

Held at EAE’s headquarters in Madrid, the conference involved the participation of the most senior representatives of Human Resource Departments from companies such as LG, ORACLE, CORREOS, ABENGOA and NIVEA, among others. Koenraad presented real cases in which assessments, as a key part of company culture, represent a critical success factor in the company’s success and the long-term service of employees within the company.

Conferencia Cultural Fit RRHH Koenraad Goris Cubiks en EAE Business School

The conference was organized by the consultancy firm FACTHUM, in collaboration with Cubiks and EAE, both of which are companies that strive to enhance the development of talent and the organizational culture within leading companies.