Lunes, 19 de Enero, 2015

EAE Business School is pleased to present one of the main developments in its portfolio of Full-Time Masters and Postgraduate programmes in 2015: the "Master in Business Intelligence and Technological Innovation":// This innovative programme run by the ICT Department is designed for new graduates who are embarking on the initial stages of their professional careers and who want to work in the field of ICT and Business Intelligence.

Master en Business Intelligence e Innovación Tecnológica de EAE Business School

One of the key features of this Master in Business Intelligence is that the participants can choose between two elective tracks that complement the Study Programme. Professionals may opt for the Enterprise Data modules, with a more technical subject profile, and the Business Intelligence in Marketing modules, which focus more on company management and the areas of Business Intelligence that operate in professional environments.

The director of the programme is Marteen Tromp, Global Warehousing Consultant at Imperial Tobacco Group. Tromp is APICS Certified (The American Society of Production and Inventory Control Systems) and holds an AMBI Diploma (Post University Computer Science). He qualified as a specialist in Software Development & Business Administration at the Technical University Eindhoven and has a degree in Business Administration from HTS Rijswijk.

Master en Business Intelligence e Innovación Tecnológica de EAE Business School

The Master in Business Intelligence and Technological Innovation runs for 10 months and accounts for 60 ECTS credits spread across three academic modules (Strategic Management of Information Systems and Innovation, Foundations of Business Intelligence and Project Management, Big Data & Gamification), two elective tracks and a Final Project based on the creation of a Business Intelligence and Technological Innovation Plan. The programme starts in October 2015.

“At EAE’s Academic Board, we identified that the discipline of Business Intelligence (BI) has become a vital aspect and significant economic driving force in the business world over recent years. As a result, in 2015, professionals trained in BI are set to be in the greatest demand and belong to the highest salary bracket. The importance of the Master that we are launching is that it provides a clear synergy between technology and management, which enables participants to develop the skills and techniques required in the field of Business Intelligence and Technological Innovation in order to lead information technology projects in a wide range of sectors in the economy, equipping them to be efficient decision makers in such a globalized and dynamic sector”, says Josep María Altarriba, EAE Business School’s Academic Director.