Miércoles, 11 de Junio, 2014

EAE Business School is set to launch the "Master in Executive Development, Emotional Intelligence and Coaching"://, an innovative management programme designed for professionals with directorial experience who are keen to develop new horizons in team management. The programme equips participants with the tools, resources, skills and competences required to perform executive roles, with an approach based on the principal variables of coaching and the development of emotional intelligence, to be applied to any business project that involves managing teams of people. To this end, the Master fulfils the prerequisites set by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) for the application for the subsequent accreditation of the programme.

Máster en Desarrollo Directivo, Inteligencia Emocional y Coaching de EAE Business School

The Master in Executive Development, Emotional Intelligence and Coaching runs for ten months and covers 35 ECTS credits spread over four modules (Directorial Duties, Personal and Executive Coaching, Executive Development and Emotional Intelligence). Participants also have to complete a Final Project based on the development of emotional intelligence at a subconscious level, with participants taking Martin Seligman’s Test of 24 Character Strengths. The programme begins in October 2014 and will be run at the EAE campuses in Madrid and Barcelona.

At EAE’s Barcelona Campus, the programme is run by Joaquim Valls and Manuel Ramírez, the Kimmon Institute’s Chairman and General Director, respectively. Joaquim Valls manages to balance his duties as the Chairman of the Kimmon Institute with his work as a writer, conference speaker and journalist on national television channels. Valls is a Doctor of Human, Legal and Social Sciences and has a Master in the Knowledge and Information Society. Meanwhile, Manuel Ramírez also balances his activities as the General Director of the Kimmon Institute with his work as a writer and conference speaker. He has a Master in Franchise Creation, Management and Development from the University of Barcelona and a Master in Education and Information and Communication technologies from the UOC.

At EAE’s Madrid Campus, the programme is directed by Mercedes Aranda and José Luís Pérez Huertas. Mercedes Aranda is the Founder and Director of Ideare Consulting, a collaborator with the Hune Institute and a coach supervisor for ICF accreditations. She has a degree in Social and Organizational Psychology from the UNED and is qualified as a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, as well as an International Coach Federation PCC, Certified Success Coach for Success Unlimited Network and a certified coach of the Society of NLP. Meanwhile, José Luís Pérez Huertas is an Executive Partner of Talent Factory and an Executive Coach. He has gained ACC certification from the ICF, and is qualified to work with executive competence assessment tools such as Feedback 360 and PAPI (Personality and Preferences Inventory). Pérez Huertas has a degree in Economic and Business Sciences from the University of Seville and a Master in Strategic Control and Planning in General Management from the UCJC.

“Modern directors have to manage increasingly international teams spread across a growing number of locations. At EAE, we believe that a good leader must be equipped with the necessary toold to lead high-performing teams that execute innovative projects underpinned by collective and individual creativity. Two of the key tools in this field are Emotional Intelligence and Coaching. For this reason, we are launching this Master, designed to train directors to develop the competences that make up the optimal personality in modern leadership” says David Riu, EAE Business School’s Academic Director.