Viernes, 20 de Noviembre, 2015

“We bring together a great amount of own contents generated by former students and lecturers of the School”, explains Agustín Capandeguy, the person responsible for developing Talent Alumni Review, the new publication that has just been launched by EAE Business School for the whole Alumni Community.

Would you like to find out more about the magazine? Where can you find it and what issues will it deal with? Don’t miss this interview with Agustín Capandeguy, where he gives us an overview of this new and promising publication filled with exclusive contents. Remember, Talent Alumni Review.

Where did the idea to create this new magazine come from?

It came from the launch of the community of former students. We believe that is crucial, in terms of developing the networking area, to have a means of communication that reaches all of the members of this Community, providing them with up-to-date information related to their professional profile, in order to enrich them socially and culturally. Meanwhile, it is a way of providing academic and professional contents that may be of interest.

New magazine Talent, for the Alumni Community

What issues will the magazine cover?

On the one side, the magazine brings together a large amount of own contents generated by both former students and lecturers at the School. In this respect, there are personal interviews and professional and social profiles. On the other side, thanks to an agreement that we have made with Harvard Deusto, we have the option of exclusively publishing articles that the publisher generates in Spanish in Spain. This agreement gives us a really useful advantage because it enables us to offer high quality exclusive content that is sure to be of great interest to the readers.

How regularly will the magazine be published?

It will be published every six months. This first year, it has been issued in November as an exception, because, logically, as the Community was launched in January, it would have been hard to issue two editions in 2015. However, from next year onwards, the aim is to publish one edition in mid-April/May and a second edition in November.

Who is in charge of producing the magazine?

We contacted the team at Prisma Publicaciones, a publishing company that forms part of Grupo Planeta, and they are in charge of producing the contents and photographic sessions. However, ultimately, through Prisma, we contact lecturers and former students to encourage them to generate own content, which adds greater value.

Who is it aimed at?

It is primarily aimed at the entire community of current and former students of the School, but also at the rest of the stakeholders with which EAE has relations, at both an internal and external level: lecturers, programme directors, School staff, partner companies, partner universities, associations and so on. In this respect, we strive to position the magazine in such a way as to be considered as another tool for institutional communication and visibility enhancement.

Where can we get hold of Talent Alumni Review?

Right now, it is available at all of the School’s offices. It has also been sent to all of the former students and lecturers that have taken part in the first edition, to all the lecturers and programme directors, and our stakeholders, as I mentioned before. It has also been sent to our commercial offices in Latin America.

Will there be an online version?

Yes there will. In fact, it is already available to download (click here). Thanks to this version, we can increase the visibility of each edition because, from a logistical perspective, it is reasonably complicated to get a physical copy to all of the former students spread across the globe.

Last but not least, why should nobody miss this new magazine?

As I mentioned at the beginning, I believe that we have managed to create a publication that has extremely interesting and attractive content from two perspectives. Firstly, because it enables us to keep in touch with the Community of former students, find out a bit more about their careers and their lives, and, secondly, because it gives us the opportunity to get to know the academic faculty better and publicize their work as analysts and researchers, because this is a role that is sometimes not visible enough. I also think that the agreement with Harvard Deusto enables us to offer extremely interesting research and analysis articles that really enhance the strength of our publication.

Remember that you can now get hold of the Talent Alumni Review and refer to it as many times as you like!