Martes, 11 de Noviembre, 2014

EAE Business School has been ranked among the top 100 Spanish companies with the best talent, according to the MERCO People Ranking 2014. Moreover, EAE is ranked as seventh in terms of the best companies to work for with a maximum of 500 employees. In this edition, EAE climbed eight places to reach the top 80 best Spanish companies to work for, in a ranking headed by Inditex, Repsol and Iberdrola.

Each year, the Merco People Ranking analyses which are the best companies to work for and which optimize corporate talent management to the greatest degree. Since 2007, EAE has ranked among the Top 100 Spanish and Ibero-American Companies. Every year, over 700 companies apply, with only 100 of them reaching the general classification, in which EAE has been included for the eighth year running.

Ranking Merco Empresas 2014 EAE

The ranking’s mission is to provide and publicize a monitor that rigorously and independently indentifies the best companies to work for in Spain and Ibero-America, and which optimize their corporate talent management. The ranking methodology takes three values into consideration in terms of having a good reputation as an employer (Employment Quality, Employer Branding and Internal Reputation) and evaluates them based on 15 variables (salary, professional development, motivation and recognition, middle manager relations, work-life balance, image in society, talent acquisition, recommendation, business success, sector attractiveness, ethical and professional values, equality and diversity, senior management leadership, identification with the business project and pride at belonging to the company).

Moreover, the ranking uses a multi-stakeholder approach underpinned by the analysis and evaluation by the company’s employees themselves, Human Resources Experts, society and members of the alumni. Merco People Spain is also subject to the Independent Review Report by KPMG, in accordance with Standard ISAE 3000.