Lunes, 28 de Julio, 2014

Inforpress, Spain’s leading communications consultancy, has become the focus of study for a number of students at EAE Business School for their Final Master’s Project.

Massiel, Juan and Francisco, students taking EAE’s "Master in Human Resource Management"://, have been captivated by the growth currently being enjoyed by Inforpress, a consultancy that also has offices in Portugal, Brazil, Colombia and Peru, and which continues to grow year after year thanks to its know-how and innovation.

So Francisco Rubio, Juan José Martín and Massiel E. Ledgard set themselves up at the consultancy’s offices alongside Inforpress’s HR team Benjamín Collar, Miriam González, Eva Martín and Luis Hernández.

The project of the EAE students focused on people development within the expansion process that the company is currently experiencing. Inforpress informed all of its employees of the initiative via its Intranet.

 Massiel, Juan y Francisco, alumnos del Máster de Dirección de RR.HH de EAE junto a 3 integrantes de RRHH de Inforpress

Moreover, the HR Department at Inforpress is studying the possibility of including some of the points and ideas contained in our students’ Training Plan as part of their objectives for 2015.

All of us at EAE congratulate the students for this initiative and thank the Human Resources team at Inforpress for the interest they have shown.