Viernes, 18 de Diciembre, 2015

A team made up of students at EAE Business School has taken part in the Global Management Challenge Spain, a competition that dates back to the 1980s and which now attracts more than 1,700 professional, entrepreneurs and university students.

One of the members of this team is Gabriel Benítez Félix, who took the Master of International Business at EAE. We had the opportunity to chat with him for a few minutes to get a more detailed insight into what is involved in this competition that has a presence on all five continents.

Gabriel Benítez FélixWhat does the Global Management Challenge Spain consist of?

The Global Management Challenge Spain involves a simulation between companies in which you have to make decisions regarding Production, Marketing, R&D, Human Resources, Sales, Finance and the Stock Market. The choice of team is extremely important, as there are lots of tasks to be delegated.

What made you take part?

I decided to participate with a group of friends, as we had found the Business Game course really interesting and we wanted to do something similar. The fact is this simulation was much more demanding as it covered more areas.

What have you gained from your participation in this competition?

It has been a great experience. I think that the most important thing that I gained is learning to delegate tasks and work as a team. We had to juggle our everyday jobs with the simulation, so I learned to organize my time a little better.

Was it difficult to join the team?

It wasn’t too hard because a we were a group of friends from the MIB who got together because we enjoyed doing the Business Game. There had always been good chemistry between is and that is why we decided to take on this challenge together.

Would you encourage other EAE students to take part?

Absolutely. I think that it is a great way to apply what you have learned on the different courses on the Master. Moreover, it is good practice if you want to run a company in the future. The decisions and situations are pretty realistic.

You took the MIB at EAE. Has your time at the School helped you in the competition in any way?

Yes, it helped me because the Business Game was a part of what we are now doing in the competition. What we learned in Finance and Marketing has served as a good foundation to be able to do this.

Thank you for the interview Gabriel!