Jueves, 26 de Noviembre, 2015

Students at EAE Madrid had the opportunity to get a closer insight into the company Euromaster, founded in 1963 and employing 10,000 professionals across Europe. Led by Rubén Millán and Rosa Salazar, members of the company’s Human Resources department, the session was the perfect platform to find out a little more about the company and answer any questions that the students had with respect to the profiles in the greatest demand and the selection processes.

If you weren’t able to attend, be sure not to miss this interview with Millán, the company’s HR Manager, where he explains the employee profile, the challenges that they face and some tips for a successful job interview.

Company Meeting Euromaster

What is the profile of a Euromaster employee?

First of all, there is no room in our company for people that do not have the customer perspective very clear and you can see that straightaway, in the passion and momentum that they show. Of course, they also need to be able to think beyond the immediate result.

Secondly, they need to have a certain propensity for not being afraid of things, working in the field, working with customers, etc. There have been people in the company who are highly qualified, great professionals, but they have not been successful because they were more suited to the back office.

However, people that show initiative and passion have great prospects. Very young people in the company can reach management positions very quickly.

What are the main challenges faced by employees at Euromaster?

Firstly, the working atmosphere is incredibly dynamic. We operate in a sector in which the rules have changed radically due to the recession. Lots of smaller companies have vanished and the bigger companies have had to change very quickly. Customers increasingly demand more and more. The ability to embrace a change of mindset and react quickly has to be really strong.

Secondly, they need to deal with the work optimization that we carry out. In other words, we are a company that puts a lot of emphasis on the result, no just whether or not the job has been done well.

Do you currently have any selection processes underway?

Just two weeks ago, we completed a selection process for Operations, and the position was filled by a candidate from EAE Business School. January and February are the time that we normally launch projects and, in fact, there are several things already planned.

What details must a recruiter never overlook in a work interview?

The technical requirements for a certain position are easy to detect, such as whether or not somebody has a degree, whether they speak a language, etc. But there is a more important part, which makes the difference between success and failure in a selection process, and that is the cultural fit within the company.

Do you check the candidates’ social media?

Yes. As I mentioned earlier, ensuring the cultural fit is really important. But that does not mean that you shouldn’t upload a photo of yourself in fancy dress. We are looking for normal, straightforward people, because that is the type of person that they will be working with.

What do you think of the type of initiatives that EAE runs with large companies like yours?

For four years now, since Euromaster started a development process throughout the company, one of the pillars was a generational handover and a set of pretty clear succession plans. The root of this whole process is going back to the source, which is where talent is managed, where it is generated for the first time.

For us, a crucial factor is being able to present our company and ascertain the capacities of the people who want to build their career in our organization.