Miércoles, 2 de Julio, 2014

A few days ago, the newspaper "CINCO DÍAS": published the news that Ferran Ferrer, Director of EAE’s Master in Online Marketing and Digital Commerce, has been appointed as the new General Director of Emagister, Spain’s leading online training search tool which is the first port of call for millions of students.

Ferrer has over 15 years’ experience in the digital environment, having founded two Online Marketing agencies: Ulises Interactive, which belongs to the Planeta Group and where he also holds the position of General Director, and /walva, in which he is one of the major shareholders.

Ferran Ferrer Director General Emagister

The implementation of new ICT tools and the fast technological changes are just two of the many aspects that inspire Ferrer every day in his professional life. Emagister embraces the rapid evolution of training and, despite being one of the leading online companies in the training sector, Ferran Ferrer and his team work closely together to consolidate Emagister’s leadership in Spain, Italy, Mexico and Colombia, while capitalizing on opportunities for expansion into other markets, such as France, the United Kingdom , Germany, India, the United States and Brazil.

Emagister Emagister’s objective is to position itself as the online leader in terms of searching for and comparing the most suitable courses for all students who want to get the best training and, thanks to its exclusive grant programme, get the best price.

Many congratulations Ferran!