Viernes, 18 de Septiembre, 2015

Rocío Rodríguez Caballero is the Recruiting and Employer Branding Manager at EY, one of the organizations taking part in the Online Employment Forum 2015 organized by EAE. A world leader in auditing services, taxation, transaction support and consultancy, with over 190,000 professionals working in more than 150 countries, EY’s activities are driven by its slogan, which, in itself, is a statement of intentions (“Building a better working world”), striving to develop a better environment for all of our spheres of activity and to be relevant for our customers.

Rocío RodríguezWhat is the profile of an EY employee?

Our opportunities are aimed at graduates and final-year students studying Law, Business Administration and Management, Joint Honours degrees, Economic Sciences, Actuarial and Financial Sciences, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Engineering, Industrial and Telecommunications Engineering, with a high level of English, leadership capacity, integrity, passion and initiative, keen to form part of an innovative and dynamic team of professionals, equipped to offer companies successful solutions for increasing global markets.

What is your organization’s Employer Value Proposition (EVP) in terms of talent acquisition and retention?

We are a company that is committed to our global character, the professional development of our employees, all underpinned by a great training plan. For us, the employees come first, and that’s EY’s great value.

Could you give us an example of an Employer Branding initiative that you have conducted recently?

Within the global framework that characterizes our company, we have run international projects such as MED OPEN DAY. This event, which we hope to repeat this year, involves integrating students within EY to give them an insight of the experience of working here or in other offices in Italy or Portugal.

In addition, in relation to the training department, we give skills acquisition course, in line with the Bologna process. We try to encourage and add value to the students.

What values must a candidate have to join your organization?

Our future employees have to have leadership capacity, integrity, passion and initiativeand be keen to form part of an innovative and dynamic team of professionals, equipped to offer companies successful solutions for increasing global markets. In this respect, we are looking for professionals who are able to execute our “Vision 2020” strategic plan, the aim of which is to enhance the values and quality of our work. This plan is underpinned by three pillars: remaining relevant for the market, enabling high performance teams and being committed to global synergies that consolidate the local market. All of this will enable us to give our customers an exceptional service.

According to a recent study, around 93% of recruiters use a social media platform in the course of their selection processes. What role do Social Media play in your organization?

Social media increasingly form a key part of our selection process. We use LinkedIn to search for profiles that might match our vacant positions. Facebook is a key tool for EY’s entire Employer Branding department and, on Twitter, you can find many of our employment offers.

What is your opinion of the Employment Forum? What are the objectives as a company of your participation in the 2015 edition?

It is a great opportunity to bring EAE into closer contact with companies. Our goals are to build awareness of our company among the School’s students and identify profile that match our needs.

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