Miércoles, 23 de Septiembre, 2015

Talent Search People in an international personnel recruitment consultant, with offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Lisbon and specializing in the areas of Sales and Marketing, IT and E-Commerce, Native Speakers, and Finance and Administration. Named as the most influential consultant in Spain on LinkedIn, the company’s employees also enjoy activities like the running club that has recently been launched.

Talent Search PeopleWhat is the profile of an employee in your organization?

Young, proactive and efficient.

What is your organization’s Employer Value Proposition (EVP) in terms of talent acquisition and retention?

A dynamic, youthful environment that offers the opportunity to learn a great deal.

Could you give us an example of an Employer Branding initiative that you have conducted recently?

We have set up a games room for our employees, so that they can enjoy themselves when they have some free time. We also run various group activities for team building, as well as a running club that we launched recently.

What values must a candidate have to join your organization?

Humility, proactiveness and passion.

According to a recent study, around 93% of recruiters use a social media platform in the course of their selection processes. What role do Social Media play in your organization?

Social Media is fundamental in our organization. We are the most influential consultant in Spain on LinkedIn. We use all of the Social Media platforms, both for attracting talent on a daily basis and for advertising our services.

What is your opinion of the Employment Forum? What are the objectives as a company of your participation in the 2015 edition?

We think that EAE’s Online Employment Forum is an extremely interesting initiative from the perspective of both the candidate and the company. Our main goal is to make contact with people looking for employment so that we can advertise our vacancies.

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