Viernes, 25 de Septiembre, 2015

Ticketea in a technological platform for the management, promotion and sale of event tickets online. Its mission is to create technological solutions that simplify and enhance the way in which events are managed and accessed. Lola Aguado, the Director of Human Resources and Lara Gallo, a recruiter, give us an overview of the profile of a Ticketea employee and explain how social networks have become a crucial channel within their recruitment strategy.

Lola Aguado and Lara Gallo from TicketeaWhat is the profile of an employee in your organization?

A dynamic person with a great deal of energy and tenacity. A decisive person that analyses problems and suggests solutions. Somebody flexible who adapts to different situations. A person who is passionate about events and new technologies.

What is your organization’s Employer Value Proposition (EVP) in terms of talent acquisition and retention?

At Ticketea, we offer attractive projects that enhance your professional development in a dynamic and pleasant environment. It is somewhere you can learn but which also allows you to contribute new ideas. The opportunity to train in a start-up in a brand new sector that is really on the up.

Could you give us an example of an Employer Branding initiative that you have conducted recently?

The Branding actions that we carry out at Ticketea primarily include participation at the various employment fairs and professional events as we believe that our employees are our best ambassadors and Ticketea’s best branding.

What values must a candidate have to join your organization?

At Ticketea, we value simple people who are surprising, analytical, honest, participative and fun.

According to a recent study, around 93% of recruiters use a social media platform in the course of their selection processes. What role do Social Media play in your organization?

We use LinkedIn as a recruitment tool, and we often post our offers on Twitter. This strategy works for us and we receive quite a large volume of applications from candidates who tend to match the profile that we are looking for at Ticketea, in view of the fact that we are a technological platform.

Moreover, we post all of the offers on our website and, in some case, we announce them on Facebook.

What is your opinion of the Employment Forum? What are the objectives as a company of your participation in the 2015 edition?

I think that it is a good opportunity to let people know about Ticketea and what we are looking for from candidates. Our objective is attracting talent, people who enjoy who they do and feel the need to keep learning and updating their skills constantly.