Jueves, 17 de Septiembre, 2015

Andy Altena is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Unión Andina in Spain, a multinational company that strives to fulfil the financial and real estate needs of Latin Americans living in Europe and the United States, with services covering the entire property purchasing process. Participating in EAE’s Online Employment Forum 2015, Altena explains that candidates hoping to join Unión Andina must be “dynamic, enterprising, organized and self-disciplined”.

Andy AltenaBefore joining Unión Andina in 2007, what had you professional career been like?

I am a financial executive with extensive experience in banking and substantial credit restructuring in Europe and Latin America. Before taking up my current position, I was Derivatives Director at ABN AMRO in Spain and Financial Director and Executive Board Member at Banco Santander in Peru.

What is the profile of an employee of your organization?

In view of the type of organization that we have, the profile of our employees must be dynamic, enterprising, organized and self-disciplined, with excellent interpersonal skills.

What is your organization’s Employer Value Proposition (EVP) in terms of talent acquisition and retention?

The founding pillars include:

• Performance Management and Recognition
• Professional Development and Career Opportunities
• Work-Life Balance

Currently, we are focused on adapting to the needs of our employees by applying the “When, How, Where” system. In other words, we are searching for alternatives in terms of which is the best place to do their work and perform their duties, in the office or elsewhere, via remote access, making our timetables more flexible and enabling employees to balance their professional demands with their personal lives.

Could you give us an example of an Employer Branding initiative that you have conducted recently?

One of the attractive features of our company, at both an external and internal level, is one of the key elements in terms of attracting and retaining our company’s human capital.

The actions conducted and highlighted in all of the recruitment processes and advertising of the vacant positions are as follows:

Job security: job security in line with the good financial situation of the sales negotiator positions.
Career opportunities: we offer career prospects with global opportunities and great training, underpinned by the generation of international business.
We are committed to increasing the level of training: we have a budget in place for the development and skills acquisition of our employees in the different departments.
Optimal working environment: we promote team spirit through open and honest communication and recognition of a job well done.
Job stability: We are looking for professional who want to build their career in the organization to achieve growth at a personal level and for the company as a whole.

What values must a candidate have to join your organization?

In any business setting, there are pillars that underpin the burden of the work in the short, medium and long term. In our organization, these pillars include honesty, responsibility, loyalty and ethics. These values are implemented throughout Unión Andina as “Organizational Conduct and Culture”.

According to a recent study, around 93% of recruiters use a social media platform in the course of their selection processes. What role do Social Media play in your organization?

We are working to focus our recruitment and selection processes on our Social Media platforms. Many of our calls for applications are made through or own website.

What is your opinion of the Employment Forum? What are the objectives as a company of your participation in the 2015 edition?

Running a virtual forum seems like a pretty attractive option. We believe that, in the modern world we live in, where time is a scarce resource, this type of event makes the exchange of information and interaction between participants more dynamic.

Our objective in this edition is for Unión Andina to be recognized as an institution that values its human capital, and that, with a view to future calls for applications, it is an alternative that meets the expectations of our potential partners.

Thank you for your time Andy Altena. More news about the Employment Forum 2015 coming soon!