Viernes, 3 de Abril, 2015

In March, some of the students on EAE Business School’s Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics became the winners of SCPRO’s contest CSCMP Trial Challenge.

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) is the world’s leading association of Supply Chain Management professionals. The CSCMP has over 8,500 members, representing all of the sectors of industry, government and the academic world in 67 countries.

The SCPRO is a three-level certification programme which enables supply chain professionals to fine tune a broad range of essential skills for the industry and gain a command of the full range of functions from one end of the supply chain to the other at a global level.

The contest involves a simulation tool on which our students could work with a company, in their case a ‘natural juice’ manufacturer. The idea is that several parameters are managed, divided into four roles given to the participants: purchasing, sales, operations and Supply Chain.

Concurso CSCMP

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Bianca Vázquez (Venezuela) explained that her role was operations, “being responsible for measuring the KPIs both in terms of the raw materials and the number of people that we could have working on the product. Important results can be drawn based on these parameters”.

Meanwhile, Beatriz Zaragoza’s (Spain) role was sales and “it involved studying the demand that the products would have and deciding which aspects to negotiate with each customer.”

“The purchasing role involved negotiating with each of the suppliers of raw materials, ensuring that delivery schedules were met and controlling the risk that the product was subject to in the transportation process to our company”, added Katarina Lange (Germany).

In addition, Dayli Tremarias (Venezuela) gave us an overview of her role as the Supply Chain Manager, explaining that “it was important to control the entire supply chain, depending on the parameters provided by the rest of the group in terms of sales, operations and purchasing in order subsequently to measure the organization’s stock and aim to reduce the age of the products”.

The system is designed to calculate each of the parameters entered and thereby give a rating to the strategic decisions made in each of the departments tat form part of the company.

One of the most important parameter that the contest monitors is the return on investment (ROI), which enabled them to compare between universities from different countries that were competing.

For our students, who were not expecting this award, it has been an acknowledgement of all of the effort and passion with which they have worked, aiming to open doorways in the future both in terms of networking and their professional prospects.

Congratulations guys!