Martes, 10 de Marzo, 2015

On the afternoon of Wednesday 9th March, we held the third online session of the Entrepreneurs Series.

The third module of the series was entitled “Culture overshadows strategy” and it focused on how to develop a corporate culture in a startup and the different culture hacks that can be implemented to drive it forward.

For the event, we were pleased to welcome Álvaro Cuesta, CEO and founder of Sonar Ventures, an online launch pad for startups based on trends and successful business models in other countries.

He ran the session alongside Paco Isidro, Director of the Finance Department and lecturer at EAE. If you would like to find out more about what went on in the session, you can click here to watch it again:

third online session of the Entrepreneurs Series

Click on the image to watch the video of the Entrepreneurs Series

You can also download the presentation used by Álvaro Cuesta, the speaker at the session:

Third online session of the Entrepreneurs Series

EAE Business School’s Entrepreneurs Series is a programme of ten sessions that deals with all aspects related to setting up a startup: the motivation behind being and entrepreneur, the internal and external circumstances to take into account, idea generation, the importance of the team, defining the business model and its visualization, constructing the minimum viable product and the different methodologies for managing and growing startups.

A new session is coming soon. Don’t miss it!