Miércoles, 20 de Mayo, 2015

José Luis Morato, associate professor at EAE Business School, gave a conference at the Madrid Campus for students of the institution. Focusing on e-commerce, the presentation gave an overview of the business opportunities offered by this type of commercialization and to what extent it has the scope to become a competitive advantage.

According to the professor, e-commerce is an alternative for the future, as he expects there to be “an explosion of this type of service” before long. However, he believes that the market niches are going to be far more specialized as “customers are going to be more demanding consumers that demand particular products, such as foods for celiacs or ecological products”.

José Luis Morato en su ponencia sobre e-commerce

During the conference, one of the topics that was mostly keenly debated was valuing logistics as an added value. “Just like low prices, logistics can become a differential value” stated Morato. As an example of a success story, he referred to Amazon, saying that “although it originally focused on selling books, it has transformed its distribution chain into its core business”. He also informed us that, in terms of shopping methods, “we must shift towards omni-channel e-commerce” in response to the fact that “there is increasing customer presence on different screens”.

In companies such as the United Kingdom or France, online commerce has achieved great success. However, Professor Morato points out that although “sociologically, Spanish society is prepared to by any product online”, there are certain sectors, such as food, “in which people do not yet have full confidence”. In view of these issues, José Luis Morato suggests ensuring that there is “greater information between the customer and distributor”, as well implementing innovative services, such as convenient collection points, a kind of locker room from where consumers can pick up their goods.

The conference was enthusiastically received by the attendees, who took on a highly participative role throughout the event. “The Business School offers its students great ideas in innovation” commented the professor. Although they have not yet been launched on the mass market, he believes that there are “extremely interesting projects for the future”.