Viernes, 23 de Mayo, 2014

"El precio del parlamento europeo .":

Cada ciudadano europeo paga 3,10 euros al año para mantener el Parlamento Europeo. El 35% se destina a pagar a personal y políticos, y aproximadamente un 27% sirve para pagar sueldos y gastos de los eurodiputados.

El precio del parlamento europeo

"Españoles en Londres .":

Grupos como Ibérica, Brindisa, Boquería, Hispania y Cambio de Tercio impulsan la imagen de la gastronomía española.

Españoles en Londres

"Lesson from the financial crisis .":

If you think that people in the upper echelons of finance and government are all-knowing and all-powerful, you ought to read Timothy Geithner’s new book, “Stress Test.” You’ll see that he and the other high-level types he dealt with are smart and hardworking, but screw up plenty of times.

Lesson from the financial crisis

"US Home Sales Rise": .

The National Association of Realtors said Thursday that sales rose 1.3 percent from March to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.65 million. Purchases of homes over the past 12 months have dropped 6.8 percent.

US Home Sales Rise

Juan Aitor Lago, SRC de EAE

Juan Aitor Lago Moneo
Director del Strategic Research Center de EAE Business School