Lunes, 5 de Enero, 2015

On 20th November, we had the opportunity to enjoy one of the most interesting sessions of EAE Webinars, “Triumph with your Curriculum”.

The session was led by José Díaz Canseco, People Development & Talent Management and lecturer at the School, together with Santiago Sanz García and María Daniela Bracho, EAE students with senior and junior profiles, respectively, in order to analyse their CVs and take full advantage of them.

José Díaz Canseco said that “it is essential to work on your CV, to have an innovative CV that makes an impact in order to grab the interest and attention of the company you are interested in”.
They also spoke about how to get through the different stages of a personnel selection process successfully, enabling candidates to capitalize on the employment opportunities that arise more effectively.

Lectura SRC Conquista con tu currículum

According to María Daniela Bracho, “the session provides extremely useful information for any students taking a Master, Postgraduate Degree or MBA and who are searching for employment opportunities, enabling them to compare different curriculum profiles”.

When embarking on a job hunt, it is important to know where best to look for opportunities and which are the most commonly used methods to find them. Even more crucially, however, candidates must have a firm grasp of the basic resources and tools for searching for work, as their future in their chosen company depends on this.
“First and foremost, the most important factor is to have a clear idea of the direction in which you want your career to go, and use this as a starting point for structuring your curriculum”, added Santiago Sanz by way of summary.

During the 90-minute session, the speakers explained some of the keys to making the very most out of your CV with a view to improving your professional position in the future.