Viernes, 27 de Noviembre, 2015

We would like to introduce you today to Ana Alvarez, who, after completing her International MBA at EAE Business School, now holds the position of International Projects Coordinator at Atrevia. Would you like to know what her job involves? What was here time at the School like? Be sure not to miss this interview.

You currently work as the International Projects Coordinator at Atrevia, Spain’s leading Communications Consultancy. What does you daily work involve?

Atrevia is the global communications consultancy with a Latin spirit and the Nº 1 in Spain. For several years now, the company has been heavily committed to international markets and that is where I am involved on a daily basis, providing support for our international projects, not only in Latin America but also in the United States, European markets and global projects, which we develop with a general strategic part and then our branches implement locally. The complexity of these projects requires cross-cultural management and a significant degree of consistency and market intelligence at an operational level. Another interesting area that I work in are the country branding and tourism positioning projects for various countries, highlighting the attributes of their economy, competitive advantages in their main sectors and tourist attractions and then positioning them in other states.

Ana Alvarez

What are the main challenges that you have tackled since joining the team at Atrevia?

Atrevia is a company that is in a constant state of evolution, innovating and adapting to new times. Anybody that comes on board and joins this family has to be prepared to manage change as an element that forms an intrinsic part of its development. This is the main and biggest challenge.

What aspects do you think companies need to improve in terms of communication?

Companies increasingly need a communication strategy that covers all of the organization’s stakeholders (customers, consumers, employees NGOs, public authorities, shareholders, etc.). It is important to ensure the comprehensive execution of a communication that is aimed and focused in order to achieve the required impact and which is the result of actively listening to the needs of these groups. The company does not only have the role of issuing communications any more, but rather it is also a recipient. The listening process is crucial and must remain open at all times.

Another important challenge is internal communication as a primary source of business transformation. It is and will be people that change organizations and lead them to achieve their objectives. A company’s business strategies, new projects and ambitions can only be achieved when the people in the company are aligned with the business objectives and this, in turn, is only achieved through internal communication.

You operate both in Spain and other parts of Europe and the Americas. What do you gain from being part of the team of such an international company?

Atrevia has a presence in Spain, Portugal, Brussels and Washington, and in Latin America on Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Chile. We have partners across the rest of the world.

For me, working in a company that is committed to international development is a key factor. As a specialist in International Business, this is my essential area of performance, but also having a vision of multidisciplinary and multicultural team has been a valuable experience for me. At Atrevia, we have learned together what it means to be international, both in terms of our organization and our customers, which are large companies operating in a lot of countries.

What do you like most and least about your job?

There are several things that I like, including the fact that we never feel trepidation when exploring new avenues. Communication has changed significantly in recent times and this has led us to add services and projects that are pioneering both at a market level and for a consultancy of our type. Thanks to the fact that we are extremely focused on knowledge with our own forums and observatories and that we develop every day in order to stay up to date with the latest trends, we have managed to embrace these changes.

Another key feature is the empowerment of and relations with millenials. The organization has placed its faith in me by delegating me large challenges as it has grown. This is the key to the development of any company, diversity, not only in terms of generation but also with respect to professional and cultural backgrounds, etc.

Within this context, I would like to have the opportunity to get to know more about other exciting areas that the company develops, such as the internal communication department and diversity management, or Corporate Social Responsibility strategies. There is so much left for me to see.

Are there any projects that you are currently working on that you can tell us about?

We have a lot of interesting projects underway, such as those involving country brands. In addition, the projects in Latin America, where we are providing support for international countries throughout their implementation across the continent, or others that have already been there for a while but need us to advise their communication globally, for instance for Peru, Mexico, Colombia and Chile, and we then implement their plans for them in each region. Exciting!

What are your short- and long-term professional objectives?

For me, the most important thing is to keep learning from the grand masters that we have in the company, and to meet the different challenges and stages that continually arise and never stop.

Last but not least, as I mentioned, Atrevia is a company in a constant state of movement and what appeals to me most is to form part of its changes and transformations, which also change us, as I have already witnessed.

A stage of your academic life has been at EAE. How would you describe it?

EAE represented an important change for me. Sharing the International MBA with classmates from over 25 countries and lecturers with such a broad range of profiles gave me a new way of seeing the world and business, without a doubt. Apart from the academic side, the multicultural experience is extremely rewarding.

Would you recommend EAE to other students? Why?

For sure. EAE’s programmes rank among the best in the international league tables and the academic faculty has a wealth of experience in different organizations. This ensures that the tuition that you receive is of the highest quality.