Viernes, 19 de Febrero, 2016

While taking on the Master in Human Resources Management, Laura Arlà decided to combine her studies with an internship in the training department at Cuatrecasas Gonçalves Pereira, one of the leading law firms on the Iberian Peninsula. From her time at the School, she highlights the flexibility to be able to combine the program with the internship, as well as the program’s student-oriented approach.

You are working in the HR Department of Cuatrecasas. How did the opportunity to work there come up?

Before joining the HR Department at Cuatrecasas, I did an internship at a recruitment consultancy. However, my plan was to take a Master in Human Resources Management. I looked into it and eventually decided to take the Master at EAE, as the fact that it was a full-time program seemed like a really interesting option because, in a year, you had lots of classroom time and it seemed to be the tuition option that best suited my interests.

So I made the decision to tell the company that I couldn’t continue working there full time and, just at that time, they mentioned that they were managing a recruitment process for an internship in the training department at Cuatrecasas. As I had already enrolled for the Master, there was no problem to come to an agreement.

Laura Arlà

What does your everyday work involve in the company?

My main role is to provide support to the training department within the HR area of the company. I have a tutor who gives me guidance at all times and I am in constant communication with the entire department. My most important duties include the following: pre-course preparation of the different courses, creation of the events of SAP, drafting the attendance list, drafting e-mails of collaboration, lunch, documentation, preparing materials, etc. During the training: monitoring the course (opening, closing, etc.), accompanying the course for the attendance register. After the course: attendance register, drafting the course report, sending a survey and following up on it, and organizing the certificate for Forcem course. In short, I provide support on any of the projects that the team is managing at that time.

What is your impression of the company? What aspects would you highlight?

Working at Cuatrecasas has been and continues to be a great experience, not only in terms of my curriculum but also at a personal level. I have the opportunity to put a lot of the knowledge I acquired on the Master into practice. As well as my duties, I would highlight the quality and configuration of the organization of the department. In my opinion, they have great professionals in all areas of Human Resources, whom I am learning a lot from.

What are your objectives in the short and long term?

My objective is to become the Director of a Human Resources department. However, I am fully aware that, to achieve this, you need lots of experience in the sector. For this reason, my main goal in the short term is to learn as much as I can, train as a professional in this field that I am passionate about, and gain insight into all of the areas in which HR is involved.

What contribution has your time at EAE made to you professionally?

I got so much from my time at the School. First and foremost, all of the knowledge acquired throughout the course, the contacts I made both with students and lecturers, and the ability to combine my studies with an internship, which was no mean feat.

Do you have any recruitment processes open at the moment that may interest the School’s students?

There are not currently any recruitment processes underway for internships in the HR department, as the people who have joined are pretty new recruits. However, every three to six months, they look for new students to do internships.

Lastly, there are many Business Schools. Why did you choose EAE?

I chose EAE because I was really interested in the tuition program of the Master and its student-oriented approach, and also because it was one of the only Schools that had so many hours of in-person tuition. In my opinion, it was the best school that offered me a unique opportunity to learn and consolidate my knowledge, due to its high volume of teaching hours and the effort it involved.