Lunes, 6 de Julio, 2015

On Thursday 2nd July, we had the pleasure of attending the EAE Barcelona Graduation Ceremony 2015, which was held in the Auditorium of the CCIB International Convention Centre in the Catalan capital. Over 4,600 people attended the Ceremony, including students, relatives and friends, teachers, the whole EAE team and special guests, such as Luis Conde, the patron of the graduating class and the Chairman and Founder of Seeliger y Conde.

The patron gave us all a motivating speech in which he expressed how impressed he was to see so many young people graduating, full of joy and knowledge. Luis Conde went on to outline a series of key factors for the students to find their first jobs. He highlighted the fact that the graduating students form part of the best-prepared generation ever and encouraged them to continue moving forward, training, working and fighting to achieve their dreams.

Over the course of the Ceremony, other speeches were given by Carlos Giménez, General Director of the Education Division of Planeta DeAgostini and Sisco Vallverdú, Vice-Chancellor of the UPC.

EAE Barcelona Graduation Ceremony 2015

A special mention is reserved for the three students at EAE Business School who took part in the event, sharing a few closing words with all of the people present, particularly aimed at their classmates, lecturers and everybody that have made their EAE Experience possible. The students in question were Tenzul Zamora (Master in International Business), Nicole Boehm (Master in Human Resources Management) and Elena Díaz (Executive MBA).

Elena Díaz began her speech by highlighting “the motivation for change that led them all to embark on this journey” when enrolling at EAE Business School. “We train to open our eyes to new opportunities, to learn to take all of the knowledge we brought with us and put it in perspective in order to gain a broader viewpoint.”

Elena Díaz

For his part, Tenzul Zamora gave a speech filled with metaphors and reflections for his classmates, lecturers and family members. “Today we finish an important chapter of this book”, he said, after having thanked the School for its work and congratulating his classmates. He finished by posing a question: “why wait for change if we can be the change?”

Tenzul Zamora

Nicole Boehm was the third and final student to speak on behalf of her classmates. In her speech she thanked family members, friends and all those people who had given knowledge, support and effort to each of the students. “Today is the start of the journey of the rest of our lives and I am confident that we are prepared for the road ahead”.

Nicole Boehm

A key part of the progress made by the graduating students over the course of this 2014/2015 academic year has been the knowledge base that they have acquired, which would not have been possible without the daily efforts of the academic team. With this in mind, at the Ceremony, awards were given to various lecturers at the School, with Daniel Vaccaro Pérez and Joaquim Valls being awarded the title of best lecturers of Business Administration and Management at EAE, Nacho Alba receiving the award for best teaching on a full-time programme, Casilda Güell being named as the best lecturer on an online programme, and Marcos Urarte being given the award for the best lecturer on an executive programme, which was collected on his behalf by Úrsula Molina.

In order for you to see, tag and share them on your social networks, we have posted a collection of photographs taken at the Ceremony on Facebook. This includes an extensive gallery to remember this special moment or see all of the bits that you were not able to catch in person. Access the albums via the following links:

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You can also watch the full video of the Graduation Ceremony by clicking on the following image:
Video of the Graduation Ceremony 2015

You can also click here to see the video shown on the screens at the Auditorium before the Ceremony started which included the participation of students, lecturers and other members of the EAE team.

All of use at EAE would like to thank everybody that formed part of this experience for the great efforts, drive and passion that they displayed throughout the academic year.