Martes, 3 de Febrero, 2015

On 27th January 2015, students taking the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management at EAE Business School had the opportunity to welcome Francisco Bueno, CEO of Mothercare, to EAE’s Madrid Campus.

During the hour and a half presentation, he gave participants an in-depth overview of retail distribution, prices and product implementation in stores.

Francisco placed a clear emphasis on the importance of customer relations. “Retail must focus on giving something other than just price. The distinction with price involves giving quality, a good service and ensuring that customers feel looked after at all times when they walk into a store”. Mothercare focuses heavily on this aspect, with their experience to date being fairly successful.

 Francisco Bueno, CEO de la empresa Mothercare

“Retail is an extremely unique sector, in which customers are primarily looking for information and avoiding being conned. Price is considered to be a less important issue and much greater importance has to be placed on the quality of the product being sold. This even has a great impact in terms of facilitating selling, as the shop assistant knows that the goods they are selling are quality products that will not cause them any problems during the sale”, concluded Francisco Bueno.

Mothercare has been operating in Spain for seventeen years and currently has 21 company-owned outlets and an eCommerce platform selling clothes and accessories for pregnant and nursing mothers and children up to eight years old. The company owns the exploitation rights for the British MOTHERCARE brand in our country.

A leader in its sector, its experience is underpinned by half a century in operation. The fact that 92% of its employees are women, with a high proportion being mothers, enables the brand to accumulate unique knowledge directly with respect to the problems and situations faced in maternity. As such, it has managed to become the favourite product brand of mothers in over 55 countries, with a total of 1,350 stores throughout the world.

Held at EAE Madrid, the highly accessible presentation had a very open style, with our students having the chance to ask our guest any questions they had and debate the future of the topics at hand.