Lunes, 3 de Noviembre, 2014

This morning, the students of the "Master of International Business (MIB)":// and "Master in Financial Management":// at EAE Business School welcomed two members of the Inter-American Development Bank . During the session, the Bank’s Human Resources Director, François Lafon, gave us a detailed overview of the features of the Bank itself and the career opportunities in the sector for our students.

The meeting with the Human Resources Directors of the Inter-American Development Bank was extremely productive in two respects. Firstly, the students had the chance to gain a detailed insight into the institution’s objectives, the projects that they are running and the purpose of these initiatives.

Secondly, students learned about the professional careers on offer to them within the Bank, which searches for highly qualified global profiles with two or three languages. The candidates were able to discover the opportunities available, one of the most interesting of which for our profiles is the Young Professionals Program, which aims to recruit high-level candidates around 30 to 32 years old with postgraduate qualifications and a number of languages (Spanish, English and one other).

The programme runs for two years and is based at the head office in Washington, giving participants the opportunity to develop their skills in different areas of the Bank.
The Internship Program is on offer to current students, with 40 places available for the summer months. We hope that, like in the last edition, some of our participants are successful applicants.

The School’s students had the opportunity to see first-hand what their real possibilities of success are, with 80% of participants on the programme being incorporated into the Bank.

Great news for our students!