Lunes, 26 de Enero, 2015

On 22nd January, we had the chance to enjoy a new presentation on EAE’s Madrid Campus. On this occasion, we were pleased to welcome Matías Figueroa, Director of Regional TLS Projects (Telefónica Learning Services). Attracting enthusiastic crowds, the event did not disappoint students who came to the Events Hall on EAE’s Madrid Campus to listen to Telefónica’s professional proposal.

The speaker gave us a diagnosis of the current status of the employment market, as well as giving us an in-depth explanation of the Fundación Telefónica’s Employability Project, one of the most pioneering programs in the sector. This program is designed to recruit young talented professionals, enhance their professional development and enable them to become the leaders of the future.

Programa Empleo Telefónica visita alumnos EAE Business School

In 2015, 35 new employment and entrepreneurship launch pads will be put into operation, 10 of which are set to be rolled out in January, enabling 400 unemployed youngsters to improve their employability, access the labour market and launch their own business ideas.
Run by the Fundación Telefónica, this program offers 500 professional internship opportunities in technological companies, aimed at people with a medium level of professional training but who need to specialize. Other initiatives include 50 employment launch pads or coaching sessions for unemployed people who need to recycle their skills and rejoin the employment market, and entrepreneurial experiences through the Think Big program, offering mentoring to young people who want to turn their ideas into reality.

As the Foundation itself says, “the most important thing that a country can have is the potential of its young people. That is why the Fundación Telefónica decided to launch the Employability Project, the aim of which is to adapt young people’s competences to the new profiles required by companies”.

This is one of the projects presented by the "Professional Careers Service at EAE Business School"://, within the framework of the Professional Career Development Program.

EAE’s Professional Careers team provide guidance, development and support to improve the careers of our executives, and international, Full-Time and Degree students. We evaluate their competences to develop a Professional Program for each profile with the aim of ensuring suitable professional development.

In this way, new opportunities are opened up for students in terms of their professional future. Students at both EAE Madrid and EAE Barcelona (presented by Matías Figueroa on the Barcelona Campus) have had the chance to get greater insight into an extremely interesting project for their development in the world of professional employment.