Martes, 26 de Mayo, 2015

“An incredible experience”. This is how Master students have described the running events organized by EAE Business School at its Madrid and Barcelona Campuses. Coordinated by a number of monitors, the objective of the races is to promote networking between classmates, as well as breaking up the routine of the study programme slightly by running around the streets of the two cities.

From ten o’clock on Saturday morning to half past twelve at midday, students ran along the main streets of Madrid. From Plaza de la República Argentina to Puerta del Sol, the race passed by iconic landmarks in the Spanish capital, such as Puerta de Alcalá, Plaza de Cibeles and Calle Serrano. “Seeing the monuments and landscape from the perspective of a runner has been spectacular” said Jessica, an Ecuadorian student on the Master in Finance.

Running in Madrid

During the race, the levels of energy and effort surpassed expectations, or at least that is the opinion of one of the monitors: “They have run like the wind. Lots of them were extremely well prepared, even more than us”. However, Javier, a student of the Master of International Business, still cannot quite believe that he managed it: “That was a lot of kilometres that we ran. I’m honestly not quite sure how we made it”, he joked. Javier is a keen footballer and, although he admits that it was “demanding”, he found the event “really interesting” and that he “would like to repeat the experience”.

In Barcelona, students had the chance to enjoy the great views that Montjuïc offers. Coordinated by the monitor Anna Llaquet, the students did some warm-up exercises to prepare for a race that would take them around the famous fountains of Barcelona’s famous mountain. At the end of the race, the students went to the Joan Miró Park, near the Campus, where they rounded off the activity with a series of stretches. This also gave them the opportunity to share their feelings about the run.

Runners of many different nationalities took part in the event, reflecting the cultural diversity that is a defining feature of EAE. “Lots of us are foreigners and the fact that we are all far from home makes us support each other much more”, added Jessica. She knows that the Master that she is taking is “quite demanding, but doing it in such a beautiful city and with such lovely classmates makes it all much more manageable”.

Running in Barcelona

This camaraderie could also clearly be seen in the race itself, with all of the participants trying to cheer each other on to achieve their goal. “We are all friends and that was an important factor in reaching the end”, added Javier.

The race held this May was the fourth running event organized by the School. The last event took place in November 2014, following a similar route adapted to levels of students that enrolled at the time. As on other occasions, the organizers were pleased with the students’ response and said that it gives them the chance to enjoy an alternative way to see the city in which they study.