Martes, 9 de Diciembre, 2014

Lluis Arasanz, EAE Business School’s Director of International Relations, visited China last week, where he took part in a meeting with Shanghai University to sign a new partnership agreement, the first such agreement that this University has signed with a Spanish academic institution. Arasanz was welcomed by the Dean of the University’s Business Management Faculty, Shen Yao, and the Director of the Master in International Business and International Trade, He Shuquan.

Founded in 1922, Shanghai University currently ranks as the fourth most important academic institution in the Municipality of Shanghai. Located at the heart of the city, the institution provides university and postgraduate tuition in different fields of knowledge related to Economics, Science, Technology and Culture. Shanghai University is a member of China’s National Project 211, associated to research and development.

The University currently has a faculty of almost 3,000 lecturers that teach over 37,000 students, 3,000 of whom are international students from over 100 countries. The campus covers and area of over 2 million square metres. It runs 71 different study programmes in over 50 functional fields of study spread across 31 colleges or campuses, some of which are located in cities such as Sydney and Paris.

In the left-hand image, Lluis Arasanz with He Shuquan. In the right-hand image, Arasanz with Shen Yao.

“For EAE Business School, it is an honour to have signed Shanghai University’s first partnership agreement with a business school and the first with a Spanish academic institution, particularly when the institution is investing in the internationalization of its campus in Shanghai”, remarked Lluis Arasanz, EAE Business School’s Director of International Relations.

With the aim of strengthening relations between the two institutions, both EAE and Shanghai University signed an agreement for student exchanges between the two schools, which is sure to enhance the students’ academic growth.

Moreover, during his visit, EAE’s Director of International Relations spoke at a conference on international trade between Europe and China for the University’s Master students.

Another key aspect of the agreement is that, next March, Shanghai University will play host to the students of "EAE’s Global Executive MBA":// , a residential programme that combines 3 destinations: Madrid, New York and the city of Shanghai.

Over the course of the Global Executive MBA students’ residential week in the Chinese city, they will attend a number of classes in the facilities of the Shanghai University Campus and visit a public company on a trip organized jointly with the School.

The new agreement between EAE Business School and Shanghai University opens up a range of opportunities for the students of both Schools to take part in academic exchanges. Moreover, the partnership agreement extends to the academic faculty, with the scheduling of classes given by EAE lecturers at the University and lecturers from Shanghai teaching classes at our School.

“One of the objectives of the agreement is to organize exchanges for students on the programmes taught in English at Shanghai University, as well as positioning ourselves more closely in academic and professional terms towards one of the most dynamic regions in the world at an economic and business level”, said Arasanz to sum up.

The exchange of knowledge, culture and values is sure to be an enriching experience for everybody involved.