Miércoles, 18 de Junio, 2014

The league table of the best Masters published every year by El Mundo has ranked six EAE Masters among the best in Spain this year, one more than in the 2013 edition. EAE ranks among the very best in the fields of Marketing, Human Resources, Sales, Finance and Logistics, and is the leading institution in terms of Communications programmes.

For the first time since it began participating in this ranking of Postgraduate education, six EAE Masters have been rated as some of the best programmes in Spain in the league table published by the newspaper El Mundo in 2014. In the ranking’s selection process to find the best Master’s courses out of the 1,000 applicants presented, the newspaper conducts an evaluation based on the analysis of 26 criteria, divided between four areas: Demand for the Masters and Reputation of the Centre, Prestige of the Faculty, the Study Programme, Student Success Rate and material resources available. Afterwards, the newspaper assesses the opinion of 500 experts, including teachers, former students and collaborating companies.

The top rated programmes are as follows:

The Master in Corporate Communication Management is ranked as Spain’s best Master’s degree in the area of Communications, followed by the programme offered by the University of Navarra. Having been ranked among the best for 9 years running, EAE’s Master retains the third position in the ranking for the third year in a row, once again reiterating its leadership in the sector. The newspaper highlighted the percentage of foreign students and the quality of its employment board, offering over 3,000 positions per year. "See EAE’s Master in Corporate Communication Management":// .

EAE en el Ranking El Mundo 2014

The Master in Operations & Logistic Management has once again been selected as the best Master in the area of Logistics run in Madrid and Barcelona, and the second best Operations and Logistics programme in Spain. A great contribution to this success has been made by the logistic technology applied throughout the programme, which enables the simulation of real cases, as well as the opportunities that the Master opens up in the world of employment. "See the Full time Master":// .

EAE’s Master in Commercial and Sales Management is ranked once again as the best Master in the Commercial area run in Barcelona and the second best in Spain. After nine years ranking among the best, the league table highlighted its simulator of real cases for commercial decision-making and the fact that it is the most international programme thanks to the agreements that EAE has in place with other Business Schools around the world. "See EAE’s Master in Commercial and Sales Management":// .

The Master in Marketing and Commercial Management run by EAE was selected as the best programme run in Barcelona and the third best in Spain. The programme has also ranked among the best for nine years, with the newspaper underlining the collaboration between the Master’s programme and the business world and the fact that course is run bilingually in Spanish and English. Find out more about "the Full Time Master":// , "the English version":// and the "Executive Marketing Master":// .

The Business School’s Master in Human Resources Management has once again been rated as the best Master’s programme offered in Barcelona and the third best in Spain. On this occasion, the newspaper emphasized the teaching faculty, which it considers a competitive advantage with respect to other programmes, as well as the teaching methodology on the Master, with its strong focus on practical applications. See the "Full time Master"://

EAE’s Master in Financial Management has ranked as the best Master’s programme run in Barcelona in the field of Finance and the fourth best in Spain. The league table mainly highlighted the professional profile of the teaching faculty, all of whom have a wealth of experience in the world of finance. See the "Full time Master":// .

EAE en el Ranking El Mundo 2014 MBA

Last but not least, El Mundo has also included an MBA Guide which highlights EAE’s Global Executive MBA as being the most groundbreaking in the area, as well as the Executive MBA (See the "Executive MBA"://, the International MBA ("See the International MBA":// and the Full Time MBA. The newspaper underlines aspects such as the three international placements in Madrid, Miami and Shanghai in the Executive MBA, the networking opportunities between participants around the world in the Full Time MBA, the semester-long placement in New York on the International MBA and the option of having a personal coach throughout the entire programme on the Executive MBA.

Ranking El Mundo 2014