Jueves, 12 de Noviembre, 2015

Students at the Madrid Campus of EAE Business School have taken part in a new session of Coffee & CEO with special guest Isabel Garro, General Director of the Spanish Network of the Global Compact. The session focused on sharing insight into how this United Nations platform operates and the importance of being ourselves in our everyday dealings.

The talk took place during an important week for the Spanish Network of the Global Compact as it had hosted a meeting between some of Spain’s leading companies and Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations. “We are one of the most active networks and, during the meeting that we held, the Secretary General used us as an example”, explained Garro.

Café & CEO con Isabel Garro

Referring to the thought-provoking title of the session, Garro emphasized the need for people to show their true selves as they really are. “We have to lose our fear of being who we are. If we say what we think politely, the person we are speaking to will appreciate it whatever stance they may have”.

One of the anecdotes that most grabbed the audience’s attention was the story of how Garro left her job in finance, after having worked for leading companies such as Société Générale and Ernst & Young. “I decided to take the job at the United Nations after coming across a news article about Prince Felipe was hosting a meeting with the Global Compact”, she added.

The Spanish Network of the Global Compact has over 2,500 member companies and, in general terms, its function is to ensure that these organizations “move towards the goals of the United Nations”. One example of the initiatives that are run by this type of organization are “The Global Goals”, an extraordinary set of global targets to be achieved within the next 15 years, such as eradicating child poverty, the fight against climate change and sustainable cities and communities.

In short, the talk was extremely accessible and interesting, giving EAE students the opportunity to ask any questions they had about the work of the Global Compact with respect to matters such as the case of Volkswagen or what to do when one’s employment situation was far from ideal “Being a sheep may be easier but, in order to change things, you have to take risks”, stated Garro.