Jueves, 25 de Julio, 2013

The "Strategic Research Center(RSC)": of EAE Business School presents the study "snuff, alcohol and gambling spending 2013", an analysis of the consumption of snuff, alcohol and gambling in major foreign economies, Spain and broken down by Autonomous Community, with the aim to have a clear and actual view of these three products and services, the average consumer profile and the differences between countries and autonomous regions.


In 2012, spending on snuff per person in Spain amounted up to 203.68€ per year, an increase of 1.22% (lower than the increase registered in 2011, of 6.65%). Consumption grows to 2,357 cigarettes per person per year (118 packs, 6.46 cigarettes per day), breaking the negative trend of 2012 to grow unit snuff consumption by 3% compared to the figure for 2012. Spain is well in the Top 5 global consumer of cigarettes, along with Greece, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Japan.

By Autonomous Community, according the EAE study, people from Extremadura, Madrid, Aragon, Andalusia and Murcia are the biggest spenders in snuff in Spain, with figures of 201€, 195€, 184€, 181€ and 180€ per person respectively. Conversely, is in Canarias, Cataluña, Balearic Islands and La Rioja where people least smoke, with per capita spending of 87€, 140€, 142€, 144€ and 150€ respectively. The biggest increase is in Navarre, which increases their consumption of snuff per person in 34.93%, while the largest decline occurs in the Canary Islands, a decline in the last year from 15% in the consumption of cigarettes (Table 10 of the report, page 23).


The EAE Study shows that the consumption of alcohol in Spain in 2012 was 675€ per person, with an increase of 0.48% compared to 2011. Looking at volume, Spain occupies the global average, showing a per capita alcohol consumption of 108 liters (2 liters of alcohol per week or 327 glasses of beer per year), representing an increase of 10% compared to 2011. It means that it still keeping the expense in alcohol but its consumption increases in volume.

When analyzing the data by Autonomous Region, the study shows that are Basque, Galician, Catalan, Madrid and Balearic the biggest spenders in alcoholic beverages, with consumption per person of 81 €, 77 €, 76 €, 74 € and 73 € respectively. On the opposite side are placed Extremadura, canaries and Castilian-Leonese, with consumption of alcohol by person under 55 € 40 €, 53 € and 54 € respectively. Navarra is, again, the Autonomous Region which has a greater increase in alcohol consumption per person, with 14.24% over the previous year, while Extremadura shows the biggest decline in alcohol consumption per person, with 21 % less (Table 11 of the report, page 23).


According to the EAE study, each Spanish spend in game and casinos an average of 73€ per year, 2% more than the previous year, ranking in the last international positions of countries that invest less in gambling, along with Belgium and China.

By Autonomous Communities, are Asturian, Castellanoleoneses, Basque and Navarre Valencian who most gamble in Spain, spending on average per person € 82, € 80, € 75, € 73 and € 69 per year respectively. Those who spend less in gambling are canaries, Baleares, Catalan and Castilian – La Mancha with 39 €, 41 €, 54 € and 55 € respectively. The middle - top area of the table are occupied by Rioja, Murcia, Extremadura, Andalusia and Aragon people, with an average spending between 65€ and 69€. The middle – down area of the table is for Galicia, Madrid and Cantabria, with spending of 62 €, 65 € and 65 € respectively. There are major differences between communities, since a person of Asturias spend in gambling more than twice a canary or Spaniard. Navarra Autonomous Community is the fastest growing game spending, an increase of 22%, while the Balearics are those with the steepest decline, with 28% less than in the previous year.

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