Viernes, 8 de Mayo, 2015

Students of the Instituto Universitário de Lisboa ISCTE IUL enjoyed a residential programme that ran from 23rd to 25th April at EAE’s Campus in Barcelona. A total of 35 students taking the Master in Marketing in English were given classes in various sessions throughout the days of the course, all within the framework of the residential programme of the School’s International Department. The Instituto Universitário ISCTE is one of EAE Business School main partners in Europe. “We are extremely pleased to welcome students form this institution in Portugal once more and consolidate this partnership that has been in place for seven years now”, highlighted Lluis Arasanz, Director of International Relations. The relationship between the University College and EAE dates back years and involves the organization of programmes of residential courses with made-to-measure classes. Every year, two separate groups from ISCTE come to EAE’s Campus, each with a similar programme, but always involving different classes adapted to the group’s specific studies. Lluis Arasanz Intensive programme of marketing courses The programme for ISCTE students ran over the course of three days, during which sessions were run focusing on the different areas of marketing. The visit began of Thursday afternoon with the students’ arrival at the facilities of the Barcelona Campus. Lluis Arasanz, Director of International Relations, welcomed the participants (35 students) and their coordinator, Sandra Loureiro. Afterwards, the EAE lecturer Francesc Rufas gave them a lecture on international marketing. The second day of the programme focused on the International Branding course overseen by the lecturer Antonio Monerris. After lunch, the students were given new insight into International Business, with a class given by the lecturer Marçal Gifrà. The last session was run by the lecturer Marc Sansó, who shared some ideas about the latest trends in Tourism Marketing with the participants. Frances RufasA rewarding experience for the students Thanks to these programmes, the students gained an insight into the lecturers and methodology used at the School, which represents a great opportunity to strengthen academic relations between different institutions, in this case ISCTE, as highlighted by Carolina Valente, Inés Frazão and Jan Middendorft, students on the programme who gave an extremely positive evaluation of the visit to the Catalan capital. “This is the first time that we have been to Barcelona and the School seems great. Its facilities are really modern and its location is unbeatable, right at the heart of the city”, stated the students. “I am really enjoying the days of this programme because the lecturers are really good, not just at a professional level but also personally. They are really interested in finding out what you think and knowing your opinion”, said Inés. “What I really like is that there is a theoretical component but there are also more practical examples. It is important to know that the things that we are learning here can really be applied in our professional lives”, added Carolina. Meanwhile, the courses run at EAE’s Barcelona Campus are of real value to the students’ postgraduate studies, as “in this case, they deal with more specific topics, which is really positive, and different from our usual classes at our University”, said Jan. The students all highlighted that one of the benefits of the courses on the residential programme is that they provide a different perspective from the country where they are studying, and that “it is great to get to know other cities and other ways of seeing things”. Students of the Instituto Universitario de LisboaInternational Partnerships EAE Business School has over 70 international partners with partnership agreements in place with different business schools and universities, covering initiatives such as student and lecturer exchanges, as well as the implementation of residential programmes. In this way, “EAE offers a broad range of tuition options and provides short course, designed to meet the need of each of our partners”, said Lluis Arasanz. Every year, the Business School welcomes seven groups of international students from its partner institutions, with a specific programme designed in each case, to ensure that the experience is a interesting and educational as possible. Moreover, EAE receives an ever-increasing number of requests from schools that wish to take part in these programmes. Recently, the School’s managers in the International Department have visited Mexico and its academic partners around the country, “and they are all interested in organizing residential courses with us because it is a rewarding experience for their students, as they gain insight into a different methodology and make contact with companies”, underlined Lluis Arasanz. Through their time at EAE, they learn how to manage business in Spain in a range of sectors.