Martes, 10 de Febrero, 2015

At the end of 2014, the Generalitat (Autonomous Government of Catalonia) published its report entitled “Study of the Labour Market Insertion of Graduates from Catalan Universities”, which analyses the employability and professional competences of graduates of Business Administration and Management (BAM) at the different university centres across Catalonia.

The report drafted by the Generalitat shows that 87% of students that have completed the "Bachelor Degree in BAM at EAE Business School’s University Centre":// find employment within three months after graduating, with 96% being employed within a year.

Estudio de la Inserción Laboral de la población titulada de las universidades catalanas

Other statistics highlighted in the report include the fact that over half of EAE’s employed students are on a permanent contract and 21% of them are freelancers. Approximately 50% of BAM graduates from EAE earn a gross annual salary over €24,000.

With respect to the area of specialization, according to EAE’s report, 30.77% of the School’s graduates in BAM work in the field of sales and distribution, 26.92% perform management duties within their job role, 15% work in areas related to engineering and 3.85% have jobs related to R&D&I.

Analysing the data related to professional competences used by graduates in their jobs after finishing the Bachelors Degree, students who completed EAE’s Degree in BAM outperform BAM students across Catalonia in 13 of the 14 indicators used by the Generalitat, including Leadership, Teamwork and Decision-Making.

According to the Generalitat’s report, professionals with the Bachelor’s Degree in BAM from EAE have received better theoretical and practical training than the average BAM graduate at a Catalan university.

Other indicators for which EAE graduates stand out include oral communication, creativity and critical thinking. However, the indicator for which graduates of the Bachelor Degree in BAM at EAE most strongly outperform BAM graduates from other universities is problem solving.