Miércoles, 23 de Julio, 2014

On Thursday 17th July, students on the April 2014 edition of EAE Business School’s "Master of International Business (MIB)":// in Barcelona visited the cava cellars of the company Codorniu.

The Codorniu Group is one of Spain’s most important wine-producers and the oldest family company in Spain and the 17th oldest in the world. Codorniu is renowned around the world for its cavas produced in Catalonia, which occupy the mid-high end of the market. However, the company also has its own cellars in other regions of Spain, the USA and Argentina. Its commercial operations are mainly focused on the local market, the UK, the USA and Asia.

Visita alumnos MIB EAE Business School a Codorniu

The MIB students took an interesting tour on which they learned about the tradition of Cava production, pioneered by Codorniu. They were also given an exclusive corporate presentation by Codorniu’s International HR Manager, Nines Espejo, who explained the company’s international orientation and current expansion across Asian countries, as well as the need for new talent in order to execute this strategy successfully.

To finish off the visit, the students enjoyed a short tasting session, trying various cavas in the production facilities themselves.