Miércoles, 25 de Febrero, 2015

In January, our students at EAE Business School’s Madrid Campus had the opportunity to welcome Carlos Odriozola, C&TM Strategy, Development & Planning Director at Japan Tobacco International. Japan Tobacco International (JTI) is the international tobacco division of Japan Tobacco, a leading international manufacturer of tobacco products with head offices in Geneva and operating in 120 countries.

 Carlos Odriozola, C&TM Strategy, Development & planninf de Japan Tobacco International (JTI)

JTI employs around 25,000 people around the world in 90 offices, 24 cigarette factories, 6 research and development centres and 5 tobacco processing plants. Thomas McCoy is the Chairman and CEO and Mutsuo Iwai is the Executive Vice-Chairman and Assistant General Manager of the company. During the presentation at EAE Business School, Carlos Odriozola focused on the company’s way of working within the framework of a sector that is subject to a great number of restrictions at a legal level. The students had the chance to gain a detailed insight into the world of tobacco and its economic impact in Spain.

Carlos Odriozola de JTI en EAE Business School Madrid

Click on the image to watch the video. As part of his duties as Trade Marketing Manager, Carlos Odriozola explained the methods the company uses to communicate with tobacconists and target consumers in the face of the legal restrictions in place nowadays. “It is difficult to evolve, work and innovate in a sector subject to so many legal restrictions and, in this respect, JTI has managed to develop with a great deal of skill”, said Odriozola.