Viernes, 31 de Octubre, 2014

EAE is proud to announce the signing of a new partnership agreement, on this occasion with the Asociación de Marketing de España.

On 30th October, EAE signed a new partnership agreement with the Asociación de Marketing de España (Spanish Marketing Association), under which EAE becomes a Corporate Partner with the aim of strengthening our links with leading organizations in the world of Marketing.

Presentación Asociación de Marketing de España en EAE Business School

La Asociación de Marketing de España is a non-profit institution that strives to increase awareness and recognition of the marketing profession and its activities, underpinned by the conviction that good marketing enhances companies’ performance and sustainability. The organization works tirelessly to highlight the important strategic role of marketing on the Boards of Directors of companies and institutions, and outwardly from these same organizations.

With around 1,000 members, including companies and professionals, the Association’s activities include the presentation of specific research reports (AMES - ANALYTICAL STUDY INTO MARKETING IN SPAIN, IEDM - MARKETING DIRECTORS’ EXPECTATIONS INDEX, BRANDING OBSERVATORY, ETHICAL MARKETING CODE) and the organization of around 60 events, always with the aim of keeping up-to-date with any significant innovation in the field and offering members great networking opportunities.

Acuerdo de colaboración Asociación de Marketing de España y EAE Business School

The signing of the agreement took place within the framework of the presentation of the AMES Study 2013, which was held at the facilities of the EAE Madrid Campus. The agreement was signed by José Luis Fernández, General Director of EAE Business School, and Pedro Aguilar, Vice-Chairman of the Association.

“For the fourth year in a row, in collaboration with Infoadex, the Asociación de Marketing de España has coordinated the AMES working group, formed by qualified experts in the field of marketing, in order to draft a report that quantifies the economic impact of marketing activity in our country, by function and sector”, explained the news article published by the Asociación de Marketing de España.

Participants at the presentation of the AMES Study 2013 included Pedro Aguilar, Julia Coronas, AMES Coordinator, and Pedro Villa, Director of IT and Production at Infoadex.