Lunes, 24 de Noviembre, 2014

On Thursday 20th November, in collaboration with EAE’s partner association ACCID (Associació Catalana de Comptabilitat i Direcció – Catalan Association of Accounting and Management), the Barcelona Campus of EAE Business School was the venue for a conference entitled ‘The Success of Internationalization’ in which we enjoyed a presentation of a case study of the success of the company Relats, giving us a detailed insight into its internationalization process.

The event welcomed the participation of Pere Relats, Chairman of Relats, who presented an overview of his company’s success, which now boasts 5 production plants around the world in Spain, the United Kingdom, China, Mexico and Morocco. He enlightened us with his perspective of how his company has managed to grow and expand.

Conferencia Internacionalización ACCID en EAE

He was joined by Joaquín Amat, an EAE lecturer, who gave us some insight into critical success factors for an efficient and successful internationalization process, as well as underlining some of the most common errors made when accessing new markets.

“Despite the effect of globalization, the levels of local adaptation required with respect to the target market is still the greatest challenge faced by companies” explained Amat.

The event was chaired by Ileana Alberto, EAE’s Director of Business Development, and Marcel Casany, member of the Board of Directors at ACCID. Participants at the event included members of ACCID and current and former students of EAE Business School.