Viernes, 12 de Diciembre, 2014

A few days ago, students taking the Executive MBA at EAE Business School took part in one of the most important events on the programme, the Residential Programme, an activity that takes place over the course of a weekend in a hotel far from the city. For students at EAE Madrid, the activity was held at the Hotel Palacio del Nuncio, in Aranjuez, while, for students at EAE Barcelona, it was held at the Hotel Double Tree by Hilton in Terrassa.

“The Residential Programme runs over the course of a weekend, from Friday to Sunday, in a setting outside of the city and away from the School, basically to ensure that the students are isolated and free from interferences in the process, enabling them to concentrate on the activity”, says José Luis Marín, the Director of the Programme at EAE Barcelona.

Foto de grupo Programa Residencial del Executive MBA de EAE Business School

During the course of EAE’s Executive MBA, this Residential Programme is scheduled with the aim of familiarizing participants with two key aspects of Executive Development: teamwork habits and enhancing the human integration factor of the group.

According to Carles Banllés, Coach and lecturer on EAE’s Executive MBA, the key is the combination of Outdoor and Indoor methodologies “so that students can learn from another perspective, from a really different approach”.

There is a broad range of activities that take place over the weekend of the Residential Programme, including seminars, presentations and training sessions. According to Marcos Lasagna, Executive MBA student at EAE Barcelona, “every activity that we do teaches me something that I can apply in my everyday professional and personal life”.

Fotos Programa Residencial del Executive MBA de EAE Business School

Over the course of EAE’s Residential Programme, students take part in a teamwork seminar, which has several objectives: reflecting on the concept to gain a perfect understanding of what teamwork means and what its benefits, limitations and challenges are; gaining awareness of our own behaviours and attitudes as members of a team; developing criteria to assess the performance of a team; and mobilizing the skills and competences required to build high-performance teams.

In addition, the event includes a series of activities focused on Personal Development with the aim of building students’ confidence so that they believe in their own talent which, in turn, creates VALUE. Overcoming restrictive beliefs and experiences, students are helped to generate confidence and are given change strategies as a key factor for achieving excellence, with a subsequent evaluation of the results achieved, the growth potential and new challenges. In this way, students learn to increase their awareness and self-knowledge, develop a long-term professional vision, analyse and gain insight into the starting point, incorporate tools and habits that enable a solid personal brand to be constructed, and design an action plan.

Tomàs Pagès, a student on the Programme, believes that “you have to go through it all again later at home. Everything we do here is interesting but it is an application that you have to reflect on a little and draw your own conclusions. Then, you can apply it to your work methodology”.

Fotos Programa Residencial del Executive MBA de EAE Business School

Lastly, there was a seminar on the topic of management by competences, in which students learned about the need to adapt the organization of the company to the changes in the environment, the importance of people and the new generations in this business context. Participants also learned to develop leadership and management of people and teams through objectives and values, as well as managing by competences by evaluating, correcting and developing people, and managing the Spirit Killers of a team, all through a practical case study.

Meritxell Humbert, an Executive MBA student at EAE, tells us that the Programme “is really positive in terms of bringing the group together. At the end of the day, we are all going to be studying together for over a year and it is very important that we get to know each other better”.

The Residential Programme on EAE’s Executive MBA is complemented by other activities organized outside of the academic sphere. Over the coming months, students will get together with participants from previous years, thereby expanding their network of contacts and exchanging academic and professional experiences.

To find out more about the Residential Programme on EAE’s Executive MBA, check out the following video summary of the last session held in Barcelona:

Video Resumen Programa Residencial del Executive MBA de EAE Business School