Martes, 30 de Diciembre, 2014

On 17th December, the facilities of EAE’s Madrid Campus played host to the presentation of the university talent contest “Jumping Talent”.

This year, the presentation was given by Sofía Domínguez Fernández, a former student at EAE Business School who currently works in the Employment Department at UNIVERSIA, together with Ana Isabel Martín Alcazar, the company’s Selection Project Manager.

Jumping Talent

Jumping Talent is an annual event organized by Universia-Trabajando with the participation of some of our country’s leading companies, including EAE Business School, with the aim of selecting the best university talent.

In the process, together with the universities, Universia selects 100 candidates. In the competition, students at EAE Business School have the opportunity to showcase their best qualities and their potential.

A bright future for our students is assured with prizes such as great professional programmes with in-company training, and first employment programmes.

The event was held over two sessions and was attended by over 180 students. Last year, this extremely successful event welcomed 10,000 candidates, with three EAE Business School students ranking among the 100 finalists.