Miércoles, 22 de Abril, 2015

Josep Bertrán, Director of the Master in Financial Management at EAE Business School and EAE Barcelona’s Finance and Accounting Department, has taken part in the latest quarterly report entitled ‘Economic Consensus’, which has drafted by the PwC Foundation since 1999.

 Descárgate el informe Economic Consensus Economic Consensus is the quarterly report on the economic climate that PwC has published since 1999 based on the opinion of a panel of experts and businesspeople. In addition, it is developed from a survey sent to a group of 505 people selected for their financial solvency to give their opinion on the economic situation in Spain.

The survey results have been drafted exclusively based on the 129 responses received on time, which come from the following sectors: financial system, non-financial companies, universities and economic research centres, and business and professional associations.

You will be able to see the results of this year’s edition in the report entitled ‘Growth forecasts for 2015-2016 in a global and divergent context’.

The report forms part of the ‘Big Issues’ series, a collection of documents that strive to reflect on the concerns and issues that face the business leaders of the 21st Century and help them to make the right decisions.

Josep Bertran

Among its set of conclusions, the report states that the forecasts of the international organizations and the private analysts indicate a growth rate of above 2% for the Spanish economy in 2015 and even better growth in 2016.

In addition, the latest edition of Economic Consensus includes a special focus on growth forecasts for 2015-2016 in a global and divergent context.

Click here to download the report ‘Economic Consensus: Growth forecasts for 2015-2016 in a global and divergent context’