Lunes, 24 de Junio, 2013

The students of the program Degree in Administration of Companies already have chosen the destination to realize next academic year his stay inside the frame LLP-ERASMUS.

Inside the list of agreements that "EAE Business School":// supports with European universities, the most requested destinations are the universities of the United Kingdom: Nottingham Trent University, London Metropolitan University, which normally are in the habit of being most demanded, though this year also the German universities have had an important paper in the choice of the student body: HTW Berlin, University of Bamberg.

Other destinations chosen by the students have been: "ICHEC Brussels": (Belgium), "Hanzehogeschool Groningen":, "Hogeschool geo Amsterdam": (Netherlands), "Zurich University of Applied Science": (Switzerland), "École of Management Strasbourg":, "IDRAC Commerce's École Superieur": (France), C"openhagen Business Academy": (Denmark) and It rewards University of Applied Science (Finland).