Lunes, 16 de Febrero, 2015

On Wednesday 11th February 2015, the 3rd Political and Business Congress of the Plataforma Multisectorial contra la Morosidad (PMcM – Multi-sector Platform Against Payment Delinquency) was held in Madrid’s Pabellón CaixaForum. Pere Brachfield, a lecturer at EAE Business School and Director of Studies at the PMcM, actively took part in the round table debate on the topic ‘Executives dealing with payment delinquency’.

The PMcM organized the third edition of this political and business conference with the aim of promoting compliance with the national and European legislation.

III Cumbre Político-Empresarial Plataforma Multisectorial contra la Morosidad donde Pere Brachfield, profesor de EAE Business School participó

The PMcM brings together state, regional and sector institutions that, as a whole, represent almost one million companies with a combined turnover of around 150 billion euros and providing work for over 4.5 million employees and freelancers. As such, the Platform’s credentials in this field are widely acknowledged.

The objective of the congress was to bring together Business Associations, Businesspeople and Financial Directors to debate the current situation in terms of payment periods in our country and within a European context.

Participants included the most senior politicians in the field of economics from the parties represented in the Spanish Congress, including Pedro Sánchez (PSOE), Rafael Hernando (PP), Alberto Garzón (IU) and Álvaro Anchuelo (UPyD), who took part in a session to give an explanation of their position on the matter, as well as members of the Government and the European Parliament, with the aim of reaching “a significant agreement to reduce payment periods”.

The event was brought to a close by the Minister of the Inland Revenue and Public Administrations, Cristóbal Montoro, and the Director of Entrepreneurship and SMEs for the European Commission, Joanna Drake.