Alumni initiative "Start Today"

While Section 6 of the General Enrolment Conditions on “PRICES, PAYMENT METHOD, PLACE RESERVATION AND DELIVERY” stipulates that EAE’s enrolment service guarantees students that no modifications will be made to the amount of the regular instalments established for the contracted academic years, in view of the exceptional circumstances we currently face, a fund has been created to issue you a study grant equivalent to 5% of your total enrolment fees after applying any grants or discounts that you may have received.

Moreover, the grant covers the annual memberships fees of €150 for the first three years for the Association of Current and Former Students for the contracted academic year. After that point, the former students will pay the association membership fees..

In all cases in which this exceptional variation results in a financial improvement in the student’s conditions, the parties accept this modification, without any other section of the General Enrolment Conditions being affected

The study grant equivalent to 5% of the enrolment fees will be applied to the next instalment, payable in June 2020.

This reduction in the enrolment fees for the April 2020 intake is subject to the condition that the student continues in this intake. In the event that, under any circumstances, the student changes to the October 2020 intake, this grant will no longer take effect.